Triangular Stage Roof Ssystem for Sale

Lighting Road Case Trunk Wholesale for 2 x ECO

This Meta Flight Case is specially custom for 2px moving heads YPOC700 ECO for event stages.
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    30% in advance, balance on delivery
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    Guangzhou, China
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    Guangzhou, Shenzhen
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    With 3 working days
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Lighting Music Flight Case For 2 x YPOC700 ECO: 

This Flight Road Case Unit is custom and suitable for the following models:

Ypoc 250, Ypoc 250 Basic, Ypoc Color, Ypoc Color Basic,
Ypoc 575,Ypoc 575 PRO, Ypoc 575 Color


  1. Robust, road case
  2. 8 handles
  3. 4 large wheels (blue wheels)
  4. Heavy butterfly fasteners
  5. Ball corners
  6. Black
  7. Suitable for 2 devices
  8. Weight 39,0kg

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