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Buy 390mm DJ Arched Box Lighting Truss Equuipment Kit For Sale

This Arched Chord Truss is constructed with ITSC-CS39 spigot box trusssegment. It is widely used for arched roof trusses  and big ciruclar trusses.
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Arched Pipe Equipment Truss Kit For Sale:

This Aluminium Material Arch Truss  is developed from 390x390mm box truss, and it is  constructed with main tubes 50x3mm, sub-main tube 25x2mm  and diagonals are 25x2mm. It is usualy equipped with other box truss corners to make architecture designs.


  1. 4- point nodding 
  2. TUV and SGS approved
  3. Free design and technology support
  4. OEM and ODM acceptable
  5. Powder coating and anodizing to any color without any peeling


Item 390mm Curved Box spigoted Truss
Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6
Types Curved
Main tubes 50x3mm
Sub-main tubes 25x2mm
Braces 25x2mm
Connection type Spigoted connical coupler

Length and Weight:

Length Weight
50 cm 9.5 kg
100 cm 13.1 kg
150 cm 16.55 kg
200 cm 20.00 kg
250 cm 23.55kg
300 cm 27.1 kg
Other length can be custom on request.


This Arch BoxTruss is widely used in UK for outdoor events, hire, decorations, car shows, exhibitions booths, churches, world cup events, ect. 

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