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Pre Rig Truss with wheels to pre rigged lighting fixtures for venues

Pre Rig Truss allows lighting fixtures to be Pre-Rigged insde the trusses before arriving the venues so that you can reduce trucking space and ensure faster and more efficient lighting set up. 
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Pre Rig Truss with wheels to pre rigged lighting fixtures for venues:

This Pre Rig Truss is constructed with trusses and wheels to for Touring application. There are no braces on the underside, and allows your moving heads or other lighting fixtures to be Pre-Riggded inside the trusses. It reduces the trucking space and ensures faster and moe efficient lighting set up at the event venues.

With wheels under the trusses, it is easy to storage and transport the whole lighting truss and fixtures.


  1. Pre-Rigged lighting inside the trusses before moving to revenues
  2. Delicated" fork system available in 90° Fixed, 90° Steps Rotating or 360° Continuous Rotation
  3. Natural and any custom colour available on request
  4. TUV/SGS certificates
  5. Easy to move and save trucking space


Items 2.44m(8ft) Pre Rig Truss
Material  En AW 6082-T6
Main tube 50x4mm
Braces  50x3mm/ 25x3mm
Coupling systems Rotatable pin/ fork
Max. span 20m
Dimentions 1202x610mm
Other fixed length available 1.22m (4ft), 2.44m (8ft), 3m (10ft), other custom length available

Loading capacity:

Span(m)/ Top centre chord loading UDL(kg/m)
4 412
5 411
6 411
7 361
8 275
9 214
10 171
11 138
12 114
13 94
14 80
15 67
16 57
17 49
18 42
19 36
20 31
21 27
22 23
23 20
24 17

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