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5ft Height 4x4 aluminum portble stage kit for theater

This 4X4 Stage Panel is custom to be 5ft height for outdoor concert events, which is hotsale in USA and Europe market.
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5ft Height Adjustable 4x4 Portable Stage Outdoor:

This 4x4 Portable Stage DIY is of great value and perfect durable decks for hire business, schools, wedding, concerts, dancing, catwalk, Djs, night clubs, musice, and many other indoor or outdoor events. It is constructed with aluminium frame and 18mm birch tree fiber plywood board covered with a phenolic resin so that the top is protected with a smooth anti-humidity waterproof.

Many clients come to visit and buy our4x8 Portable Stage Platform and lighting trusses, and they are very happy with our quality and service. Most of them are from Nigeria, Kenya, India, Malaysia, UK,  Thailand, Columbia, Qatar, USA, ect. 

4x4 stage platform clients

Due to the Portable Stage Decksare firmly fixed inside the frame glooves, and every two decks sharing the same frame, the wholePortable Stage Platform Systemwill not topple over and the whole system can work as ballast system for the Truss Roof System.

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  1. Waterproof and anti-slip for outdoor and indoor concert events.
  2. Aluminum frame and lightweight for mobile use.
  3. DIY  fast assembling, no any tools.
  4. Height adjustable for different situation.
  5. Interconnected framework acting as ballast systems for truss roof constructions.
  6. Factory price only.

ITSCtruss always have large quantity of this 4x4 Portable Stage Dance Floor in stock:


Item 5ft Height 4x4 portable stage equipment
Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6
Dimensions 4 x 4 ft(1.22 x 1.22 m )
Types Square
Main tubes 50 x 3 mm
Stage Topping 18 mm birch tree fiber plywood with a phenolic resin, anti-slip, waterproof 
Self-weight 60 kg /pcs
0.2 m3/pcs 

750 kg /m2

HS code 7610900000

How much weight can a 4x4 platform stage hold?

Its capacity is around1125kgin total.

Its canpacity can be 750kg/m2, strong enough even for carrying cars! 

It means, a standard4x4 platform portable stagecan hold 1125 kg weight through the whole surface, and the pillars, side pannels, as well as the toppings are must be designed and produced to be capatable of supporting this weight. The heigher platform, the longer pillars and side pannels offered to keep stable and safe at the right height level. 

4x4 stage platform for sale


The 4x4 Portable Stage is installated  with brace, boards, legs, frame, and base.

aluminum stage deck

Topping options:

The colour of the standard topping is brown plywood, black plywood, red plywood, and acrylic. You can choose any topping on request.

Constructed with alumnium frame and 18mm birch tree fiber plywood topping board, it is covered with a phenolic resin to protect them. After that, the top is protected with a smooth anti-humidity layer and it is watetproof.

Aluminium stage frame

How do you build 4x4 Portable Stage Platform?

  1. Lay  the 4 adjustable jack on the floor.
  2. Put the 4 legs in the screw of the jacks.
  3. Connect every 2 pillars with the side panels.
  4. Put the stage topping inside the glooves formed by the 4 side panels.
  5. Adjust the the whole stage until fixed without any loosing space then finished.

4x4 stage platform for sale in kenya


This 4x4 portable stage quality is commonly combined with Truss Stage Roof for temporary indoor and outdoor concerts events. if you install them correctly, the whole Potable Stage Systems can work as ballast for the roof.


Its maximum height is suggested to be within 6.5 ft (2 m ). If you are supposed to install portable staging system to be more than that height, we recommend you our Stage Truss Systems  or  4x4 Steel Ringlock Scaffolding Stage Platform. 

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