Triangular Stage Roof Ssystem for Sale

580x1010mm Heavy Duty Aluminium Folding Truss Equipment to buy

This Aluminium Folding Truss Kit is featured with strenghened tubes for heavy duty capacy for indoor and outdoor big span events.
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    30% in advance, balance on delivery
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    Guangzhou, China
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    Guangzhou, Shenzhen
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Heavy Duty Folding Truss Equipment Framing Kit For Sale:

This Folding Truss Framing is developed from ITSC-CSF58101 Foldiing Truss with more supported tubes to strengthen the capacity ability.  It is adapted for construction in one level. it is specially designed for mobile event service. This truss offers higher load capacity and uses minimum space. By folding the truss, it is possible to transport it in a simple way.


  1. 4- point chord
  2. TUV and SGS approved
  3. OEM and ODM acceptable
  4. Space-saving after folding 
  5. Higher loading capacity compared with the standard ones


Item 520x10100mm heavy duty  folding truss kit
Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6
Main tubes 50 x 4 mm
Sub-Main tube 50 x 3 mm
Braces 30 x 2 mm
Connection type Conical couple system

Length and Weight:

Length Weight
50 cm 16kg
100 cm 31 kg
200 cm 46kg
300 cm 60 kg

Other length can be custom on request.


This Folding Truss Frame  is widely used for big concert stage hire, decorations, car shows, exhibitions booths, churches, world cup events, ect. 

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80ft Graphical Event Portable Circular Stage Roof Cover

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axis square truss corner

3 Way T-shape Square Truss Corner for Advertiser

3 Way Square Corner T-Shape Truss Corner is widely used to connect trusses in 3 directions for Box Roof Trusses as beams to hang more lightings for advertising events.

Circular truss Roof system

24m Dia Heavy duty Circular Flat Roof Truss Structure for Lighting

Circular Truss Roof is constructed with the standar Circular Trusses by ITSCtruss in stock, and  lift it up with towers. Circular trusses roof can be manufacturered in different different diameters on request, usually from 2m-50m dia.

recessed butterfly latch catch

Medium Spring Loaded Recessed Butterfly Latch extension

This Slam Recessed Butterfly Latch is steel made and custom for all kinds of rolling flight cases.

hydraulic revolving stage lift diy

2m Dia Manual Hydraulic Revolving Stage Lift equipment unit

This Hydraulic Revolving Stage Lift Kit is specially custom to be 2m dia round platform with 2m height adjustable for stage shows.

truss 20 x 20

20 x 20 lightweight flat roof trusses systems

Flat Roof Truss System is 20x20 ft in size, due to its lightweight and portable design; It is best choice to buy the truss for your indoor and outdoor wedding parties, music, bands, led screen, celebration,ect.

truss price

400 Aluminum Easy Square Box Truss piece frame

400 Aluminum Easy Square Truss Piece is a frame with CPL455 kg and UDL53 kg /m at 16m span;  hotsale in India market; TUV certificated at factory price only;Usually configurated in medium duty truss roof systems and heavy duty truss roof systems as beams and masts.

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Buy 12 Inch Aluminium Metal Black Box Truss Kit At Factory Price

12"x12" Black Box Truss is widely used for stage roof systems or exhibition booths in entertainment rigging. 

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Flight Case Aluminum Double Corner Angle Extrusion

This Double Corner Extrusion is widely used for flight cases by ITSCtruss. 

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4m Span Indoor Aluminum Beam Truss Kit Flat Roof

This Lighting Duty Box Truss Flat Roof System is featuring with 4x2m size for indoor events display which is Aluminum alloy made. 

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20m Aluminum Box Light Truss Stage Flat Roof for sale

This Stage Truss With Cover is featuring the its heigher front and lower back for easy rain-pouring down the roof.

hydraulic lift for sale

1.6m Dia 3M H Round Hydraulic Lift Sysem Equipent Kit

This hydraulic lift machine is featured with round table with lifting efficency only for stage systems performaner.

12x12 box truss installation

Heavy Duty 12x12 box truss bolted kit equipment for sale

This 12x112 Box Truss Option is developed from ITSC-BSB12 with 50x2mm sub-main tubes to be stronger for heavier duty capacity on request.

Line array stand

5.5m Heavy Duty Line Array Lighting Truss Crank Stand

5.5m Height Line Array Speaker Stand is with heavy duty loading capacity 200kg at best price for studio, indoor and outdoor events, mini line array column speaker systems, showtec, ect.

road case ball corner for sale

China Flight Case Ball Corner Offset Brace Kit Unit

This Case Ball Corner Hardware is usually used for all kinds of flight cases.

flight case pour pedalboard

Large aluminum extrusion acoustic pedalboardflight case kit

This Pedalboard is usually equiped with the flight cases by ITSCtruss for easy protecting and moving the instruments.

light duty truss

8ft lightweight Small Curved roof truss system

Small Truss 20 x 20 is used to intall this 8 x 36 ft Curved Roof Trusses System for trade show exhibit display on your truck to put banners, and easier for your advertising by mobile trucks.

circle lighting truss global

Aluminium Circular Lighting Truss Hanging Screen Rig

This Circular Lighting Truss Hardware is featured with haning stage lighting on edges and LED screen rigging beneath.

Round Stage for wedding

Catwalk Round Stage with Aluminium Portable Stage 4x4ft

The Round Stage Systems can be also perfectly designed and combined together with the common portable stages to setup a catwalk stage systems for wedding or fashion shows

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230mm Portable Lighting Ladder Truss Dj Equipment Kit

High quality Lighting Ladder Truss System Stage for Dj equipment setup by ITSCtruss is hotsale at factory price.

Rectangular Truss Structure

300x400mm Light Aluminum Rectangular Lighting Truss

300x400mm Light Stand Rectangle Truss is used for I beam in Truss System for trade shows. 

Truss basement

Steel Base plate with wheels for Spigot Truss Roof

This Steel Base Plate is for Square Bolt Truss ITSC-BS30 Tower Structure to adjust the little height for uneven ground and the capacity from the pillars, stabling the whole towers.

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Supplying Stage Roof Truss Equipment Framing Kits

Small Mobile Stage Roof Truss Kits Equipments by supplied by ITSCtruss company with hight quality!

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Portable Custom Quick Lock Stage Risers Sysem Decks for sale

This Custom Portable Stage System is mainly constructed with 1x2m quick lock portable stage decks which is easy quick to install for special concert events.

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24m Stage Roof Truss Triangular Canopy Structure System

This Stage Roof Truss is with 24x12x10m dimensions with heavy duty truss beams 600X720mm Rectangular truss segments. Its Trianguarl canopy roof shape is widely used for concert stage events.

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Round Stage Risers with Quicklock Portable Stage 1x1m

This Round Stage Riser system is developed from 3 sets of  Rounding Stages Systems with Quicklock Portable Stages 1x1m. The inner Round Stage System is 25cm higher than the front one.

t bar lighting stand

4m Lightweight Crank Up Lighting Stand

4m Lighting Stand is more lightweight compared with the 6m stand. And it is economic in price and popular used for truss lift and parcans lighting hanging for indoor and outdoor events.

adjustable stage deck

DIY Adjustable Custom Cheap Staging System Deck

This Triangular Custom Stage Deck is made of aluminium frame with 18mm plywood for eash setup for djs.

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12ft Dia Portable Circle Stage Truss Rigging for lighting

Circle Stage Truss Rigging hotsale for all kinds of churces, events, wedding, concerts, bands, lighting,ect. 

Portable stage on wheels for sale

4m Portable wedding mobile stage block on wheels

This Mobile Stage Solution is featured with wheels with 15cm height specially for wedding events. 

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Buy Stage Roofing Lighting Rigging Systems Online

Buy Stage Roofiing Systems from Infinity Truss & Stage Co., Limited online!

lighting ladder truss management

11.5 GLobal Lighting Ladder Truss On Stage for Events Roofs

This 11.5“  I Beam For Truss is widely used for stage rigging entertainment business.

Strap and Shackles

Endless Ratchet Strap Webbing Belt for Aluminium Truss Structure

Endless Ratchet Strap Webbing Belts are usually applied for aluminium roof truss structure to support the PVC cover.

Truss China

520 China Heavy Duty Durable Square Box Truss Sections

520 Square Truss Section is heavy duty load  with CPL 450KG and UDL 35kg /m at 24m span. It is best for long span box truss systsems, Sloping flat roof truss, gable roof trusses, heady duty LED screen support, Line Array Speaker Support, and Heavy duty for big concerts events.

recessed castor dish unit

Buy large steel Stackable recessed castor dish angle

This Rack Recessed Castor Dish is specially custom for all the rolling flight cases by ITSCtruss. 

4x4 stage equipment

4x4 Aluminum Portable Stage Deck Platform for Sale

This 4x4 Stage Section is developed from 1x1 portable stage platform for outdoor church entertainment on request. 

guitar stagg pedalboard case

DIY Stage Effect Pedalboard flight case

This Stage Pedalboar Flight Case is specially custom for pedals.

Bolt truss roof corner

Plated Bolt 3-Way T shape Square Truss Corner Block

The 3-Way T shapes Square Corner Block is combined with ITSC-BS 30 offered by ITSC truss, to create a stable and durable 90 degrees T- Shape Angle in Your Truss Rigging, and it has a length of 300 W x 300 D x 500 mm Length.

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Aluminium Cheap Flight Case Angle Extrusion to buy

This Flight Casse Angle  Extruded Angle is widely used for cases.

Roof Truss cost

150 Foot Stage Lighting Truss Triangular Roof Struccture System

Where to Buy Roof Trusses? ITSCtruss teams offfers you creative designs and safe roof trusses for outdoor events.

black powder coat truss

290mm Global Black Powder Coating Quatro Truss Hardware

This 290mm Black Truss Quatro is world wide standard segment for all kinds of Outdoor Canopy Truss. 

gator cases road case

Harmoney Marshall CD Road Case

Profesional Road Case for Light opertation DC device.

Aluminum barricade

Corner Barrier for Crowd Control Solutions

Corner Barrier is a corner type to turn angles when needed. It can be flexible to adjust the angle from 90 to 270 degrees in crow control solutions.

curved truss structure

12 Inch Global Metal Curved Box Truss Rigging Girder

This 12x12 In Curved Box Truss Arch are custom with the standard box truss segments, and it can be configurated to the right round trusses or other DJ arch trusses.

In the Round Stage

4m Dia Outdoor Temporary Round Stage Set Equipment

This DJ Round Stage is set up with the quick lock stage deck 1x2m in 4m dia round shape for outdoor movable performance equipment.

aluminum ladder truss yard wedding decorations

10Inch Global Portable Mini Lighting Ladder Truss

This 10" Lighting Ladder Truss Outdoor is specially custom for the dj rigging or wedding decoration.

large strut hinge duty

Large heavy duty case strut hinge lid stay bracket hinge

This Galvanized Large Strut Hinges is specially custom for our large flight cases for roadshows.

1x2m Quicklock Stage Decks

1X2m Deck for Aluminium Portable Modular Quicklock Stage

This Aluminium Stage Deck is for 1x2m Portable Modular Quicklock Stage for outdoor and indoor venues, event plannings, wedding,ect. 

tower hinge

Tower Hinge for Aluminum Spigot Truss

ThisTower Hinge is completely made of Aluminum-Alloy for Spigot Truss Pillars to setup the towers.

stage roof flat roof

4m Outdoor DIY Banner Round Stage Roof Box Truss Kit

This Circle Stage Roof is small with 4m dia and lightweight for outdoor theatrical rigging.

festival of lights entertainment stage

Stage Lighting Dome Roof Framing Structure Shed

This Festival Stage Dome Roof Construction is mobile and portable for different festival evens outdoor.

Tunnel roof stage truss

65ft Aluminum Tunnel Roof Trusses System Structure

65 x 65 foot AluminumTunnel Roof Trusses System Structure is medium duty and architecture structure for all typles of entertainment events.

hip roof truss system

32 Foot Triangular Roof Stage Trusses Craigslist systems

This Triangular Roof Stage Truss Systems is wtih customized 32x32 Foot for medium performance equipment rentals.

eva foam sheet china

Buy 2mm Black Eva Foam Sheet from China Supplier

Good Quality Eva Foam Sheets from China supplier for all kinds of flight rack cases. 

stage curved roof for sale

14m Stage Curved Roof Light Overhang Elements

ITSCtruss offers a wide range of Stage Curved Roof Panels used in mobile shows, portable advertising, moving concerts.ect.

mobile stage company

16ft DIY Mobile DJ Dance Round Stage Decks To Buy

This Round Mobile Stage Craigslist is constructed with 4x4ft portable stage decks with 16ft Dia for Dj Dance events.

Ground protection mats near me

Lightweight Ground Protection Mats Skid steer 4 x 8 for Pathways

Lightweight Ground Protection Mats Skid steer 4 x 8 for Pathways or outdoor entertainment events for any types of terrain-mud, and, grass or soft terrain.

entertainment truss equipment for sale

500mm Entertainment Black Lighting Truss Beam Alu

This 500x500mm Entertainment Truss Hardward is powder coated black for special concert stage events. 

Stage truss

16x16m Aluminum Stage Truss Roof System

16m x 16m Aluminum Stage Truss Flat Roof System with sticking out Truss Segement to hang line array speaker 

Global Heavy Duty Box Truss

520x760mm Heavy Duty Black Box Bolt Truss Equipment

This Heavy Duty Rectangular Box Truss 520x760mm is powder coated black by ITSCtruss for hotsale for big concert rigging.

moving stage background

28ft Dia Round Catwalk Stage Box Truss For Sale

This Portable Round Stage System is equiped with Catwalk platforms and stage truss rigging for fashtion shows or circus events.

flight case ball corner disco

Flight Case Large Ball Corner Brace Clip for Disco Cabinet

This Flight Case Corner is specially custom for all kinds of flight cases for  roadshows. 

events outdoor roof speakers

80ft Outdoor Events Stage Flat Roof Equipment

This heavy duty outdoor stage event roof kit is widely used for big concert performance by ITSCtruss factory.

global ladder truss arch system

290mm Global Curved Ladder Lighting Truss Price to Buy

This Curved Lighting Ladder Truss is lightweight and portable for DJ events.

Aluminium structural trusses system in architectural form

ITSCtruss Sleeve Block for 600x760mm Bolt Truss

This heavy duty Sleeve Block for 600x760mm bolt truss beam is widely used for all kinds of stage roof systems structures. 

Dome roof

25x30m Heavy Duty tunnel roof Truss Structure

ITSC truss, located Guangdong, China, is supplying 25x35m Heavy Duty AluminumTunnel Roof Truss in Hongkong for big concert events. 

Line array truss price in India

7m Stage Triangular Roof Box Truss for Line Arrray

This Speaker Truss Stands are combined with the box truss stage rigging system for outdoor concerts in Nigieria.

modular stage india

3m Dia Portable Round Quick Lock Staging Flooring Kit

3m Dia Round Stage For Sale By ITSCtruss manufacturer at factory price only!

8m truss

8 m curved roof stage lighting trusses systems

8 m Curved Roof Stage Truss is configurated with 290mm Square Trusses with Curved Roof system Combined with the mobile stage systems, the whole truss solution is setup with PVC cover for band or music events.

hydraulic scissor lift china

1.5m Dia 3M H Round Hydraulic scissor Lift electronic table platform

This scissor dock lift platform is hotsale and widely used in UK market for stage system lifting for actors.

flight case medium lid stay

Flight Road Case Medium Lid Stay Hinge

This Medium Lid Stay Duty is widely used for flight road cases. 

aluminum guitar flight case

Best Custom Dural Hard Shell Bass Guitar Flight Case

This Custom Guitar Hard Shell Flight Case is specially custom according to the shapes of guitar for lightweight and portable characteristics.

hydraulic platform scissor lift

1.5x2m Square Mobile Electronic Hydraulic Scissor Access Lift

This Mobile Scissor Lift Platform is custom to be 1.5x2m size for mobile portable stage outdoor events.

stage rigging lights

40ft Box Truss Stage Dome Roof System for Concerts

This Concert Stage Rigging Setup is featuring with dome structure roof costomized specially for the lighting fixtures for live music shows.

12 x 16 box truss buy price

12x16In Rectangular Lighting Box Truss Equipment

Buy 12x16 In Box Truss which is costing cheaper compared with the Aluminum Spigot Rectangular Truss 300x400mm from ITSCtruss manufacturer directly.

hybrid lid location aluminum extrusion

6304 Aluminum Hybrid Lid Location Extrusion for Flight Case

This Flight Case Hybrid Lid Location is custom for all kinds of flight cases.

Heavy Duty Circular truss roof

China Heavy Duty Aluminium Circular Box Truss Roof

Heavy Duty CIrcular Truss System with 17m dia and ground supports on hotsale by ITSCtruss, Get into profesional lighting truss suppliers and manufacturers in China.

medium caster dish quality

Deep Shallow Recessed Medium Caseter Dish Latch

This Medium  Caseter Dish Kit is specially custom for all kinds of flight cases. 

aluminium lighting truss supplier uk

Aluminium Lighting Box Truss Beam for DJ Rigging

This Stage lighting Trusses is a box truss by ITSCtrus supplier featuring with lightweight but heavy duty for dj lighting rigging systems.

16 box truss decoration

16 Inch Aluminium Light Duty Portable Box Truss Rigging

This 16 Box Truss Light Duty is featuring quick to install but lightweight and portable for outdoor events. 

Cheap Truss Sysem

10M Cheap Stage Truss System Trinagular Roof System

This Cheap Stage Truss System Structure with triangular roof is featuring with 10x10m dimension for medium events planning.

truss tent structure

16m Aluminium Stage Truss Dome Structure Metal Roof

This Truss Structure Event is temporary modular for stage roof lights in exciting outdoor events.

Stage Truss

40ft Stage Truss System Triangular Roof for Nigeria Churches

40FT Stage Truss System Triangular Roof for sale now by ITSCtruss company for Churches around the world, expecially Nigeria. Our Stage and Truss is deeply routed in Africa for its high quality and reliable features.

Semi Circle Stage

Glass Portable Half Round Stage for Band Show

Glass Half Round Stage is made of aluminium frame, acyrlic topping  and pvc panels, which is transparent and applied for band shows or piano precentation.

mobile dj truss system

5m Circle Lighting Truss Triangle Craigslist for DJ lighting

This Aluminium DJ Truss is featuring with Triangular Truss Circle to hang overhead to install the lighting system.

Events Outdoor Roofs And Staging

40ft Stage Curved Roof Metal Shed Equipment

This Metal Stage Curved Roof is featured with hotsale 40x40ft dimension for all kinds of outdoor advertisinig events.

rackmount panel

19 Inch Flight Case Custom 1U Rack Panel Unit Equipment

This Rackmount 1U Panel is specially custom for flight cases from China supplier ITSCtruss

Round roof trusses

4m Dia Circular Flat Roof Trusses Structure for Screens

4m Circular Truss Roof System is based on the 6m Dia Circular Truss setup with ground support tower system. 

square truss Ladder

520 China Heavy Duty Durable Square Truss Ladder Box

520 Heavy Duty Square Truss Ladder, with CPL  455 kg and UDL 36kg / m at 24 m span. is Customized for heavy duty suport as beam and mast for vertical forces in all types of Roof Trusses style for entertainment, concerts, events, theatre, performance,ect.

16 box truss online

16 In Aluminium Material Black Box Truss Online For Sale

Find 16" x 16" Quatro Box Truss Price in India? ITSCtruss come to help! This DIY Grid Box Truss Bridge is developed from the common one with powder coated black for high quality performane lighting effect.

Small portable stage

4x4 Aluminum Portable Modular Stage Platform

This Aluminum Portable Stage is made of Alu-Alloy 6061 T6. It is lightweight but strong with 750 kg / m2 capacity, Waterproof for Outdoor Events , DIY building only by one technician! Popular in Rental for Concerts and Events.

mobile performance stage

Quick Lock DJ Mobile Portable Stage System on wheels

This DJ Stage Equipment with wheels is easy to move anywhere on request.

Box truss Structure

Heavy Duty 580x1010mm Rectangular Lighting Box Truss

This Heavy Duty 580x1010mm Retangular Box Truss is specially designed for big projects or huge stage concerts as large span and strong capacity truss beams.

stage systems for churches

Buy Aluminum Modular Stage Floor Platform Deck System

This Portable Modular Stage Deck System is custom with ITSC-S01 Portable Stage Deck with 3x3pcs for indoor and outdoor churches events. 

aluminum case angle extrusion angle quality

Flight Case Aluminium Angle Extrusion for sale

This Aluminium Case Angle Offset is widely used for all kinds of flight cases and racks.

Truss sleeve block for ground support

truss sleeve block for lifting spigot 12 Trussing System

Truss Sleeve Block is a component of the Ground Support Tower to lift up the spigot 12 trussing system.

Stage steps for sale

Adjustable Stage Stairs for 0.4m H Portable Modular Stages

This 2-Step Stair is designed for 0.4m hight portable stages decks: lightweight and safe and compact.

trusses angle corner are used to support

7 Degrees Box Truss Angle Connector for 290x290mm

This Box Truss Angle Corner is featured with 7 Degrees only for special stage roof setup.

large butterfly latch for sale

Large Die Cut Recessed Butterfly Latch Kit Accessories

This Mobile Large Butterfly Latch is specially for large flight caseses for roadshows.

12 box truss bolt

12 Inch Aluminium Lighting Box Truss Online For Sale

12 Aluminium Box Truss is featuring with 12x12 inch dimentions and bolt connection and light duty for outdoor events.

modular stage kit

modular quick lock stage kit panels system for School

This Modular Stage System is 6x3m custructed with 2x1 m quick lock stage decks for school events.

xcase road cases

DIY Road Case for Box Truss Connectors

This Custom Road Case is specially made for the box truss connectors by ITSCtruss company.

metal Stage trusses

50 Foot Metal Triangular Roof Stage Trusses structure for concerts

This Metal Stage Truss System is based on tower support with Triangular Roof to leak rain, and it is hotsale for concerts. 

dj lighting truss ring

Custom Circular DJ Lighting Truss Ring System For Sale

This Lighting Truss Ring System is specially customed with 3 circles to form the global shape truss sytem for DJ backdrop lighting.

Box truss beam black

12 in Black Box Stage Truss Beam Online Price For Sale

This 12x12 Inch Black Box Truss is featuring with powder coated black and bolt plated connection for cheaper price compared with the Aluminum Spigoted Box Trusses Sections. 

2u amp rack case

2U 19 In Double Door Flight Rack Case Kit

Best 2U Rack Case is featured with shallow, and portable for cable channels for studio DJ.

aluminum ladder truss wedding decorations

8 Inch Global Ladder Truss for Wedding Decorations

This 8 Inch Global Ladder Truss Segment is supplied by ITSCtruss in China for lightweight duty rigging. 

portable stage risers for sale

Flower shape LED Luxury Wedding Stage

Flower shape LED Wedding Stage is newly designed by ITSCtruss for event management business.

cable road case

60cm Small DIY Amplifer Flight Road Case

This Universal Road Case is customized specifically for small devices for mobile road shows.

outdoor stage canopy covers for sale

6m Outdoor Stage Canopy Architecuture Triangle Roof

This Outdoor Stage C anopy to Buy is equiped with other ringlock scaffolding and stage decks and barricades for events.

portable stage deck for sale

Global Custom Lightweight Arc Portable Stage Deck

This Arc Stage is customized with 1x1m quick lock stage deck for special dj dance events.

Concert stage truss

3.5m Hight Heavy Duty Portable Modular Concert Stage

Buy Portable Concert Stage Systems for more than 2 m height platforms for special boxing race events? This Square Lighting Truss supported Stage Systems would be the best choices.

10 ft truss

10 ft Triangular Roof Truss system for Trade Show Exhibition

10X10 ft Small Triangular Roof Truss is specially designed and usually constructed by the sides of heavy duty roofs for events, exhibition displays, events, tv,ect.

stage barrier trolley buy

Stage Crowd Control Barrier Fence Trolley Pyramid for Sale

This Stage Barrier Trolley Equipment is specially designed and produced for storation of the barriers in order. It features with wheels under for easy moving.

4x4 stage platform

4x4 aluminium stage platform system for event oragniser

4x4 Stage Platform is portable, lightweight but strong for event organizer, and it is widely used for temporary Event Planning Service. As an event management company, buy stage platform from ITSCtruss and you will get most reasonable price and best service!

Plexiglass stage stairs

Adjustable Height Plexiglass Stairs for Aluminium Portable Acrylic Stages

Adjustable Hight Plexiglass stairs makes your acrylic stages modern for wedding events. It is transparent and also can be custom to be frosted. 

outriggers for sale

Lighting Truss Outrigger for Ground Support Tower

Lighting Truss Outriggers are  used for base to Support the Ground  Support Tower in Truss Systems to secure the pillars.

Aluminium stage side panels

Aluminium Stage Side Panel for 4x4 and 4x8 stage decks

Aluminium Stage Side Panels lock every 4 legs to form the frame structure to support the whole stage decks. Lightweight but strong capacity. 

24 foor roof trusses for sale

24 foot Small flat roof truss system for sale

24 Foot Roof Trusses is small with flat topping. 20 ft Span Goalposts at sides for heavy LED Screens in concert events. 

cuved truss system

65 foot heavy duty curved roof stage trusses lighting rig

ITSC truss offers 65x65 ft Curved Roof Stage Truss for Lighting Rig at Reasonable Cheap Price for theatre, stage systems,ect. TUV certificates, OEM and ODM acceptable, heavy duty.

stage lighting black truss corner

2 Way 60 Degree Square Black Truss Corner

2 Way CornerTruss is commonly used in Hud Truss Systems for architecture structures.

circular truss tower

10M Dia Box Truss Circular Stage Roof Stand for sale

Hight Quality Circular Stage Truss Roof Stand custom-made by ITSCtruss for tv, studio,indoor banner displays, led screen, ect. 

equipment road cases

ATA Lightweight Affordable EWI Large Road Case

This Roadinger Flight Case is custom on request for road shows. It is stackable with rack.

Lighting box truss

12m Global Box Truss Flat Roof Structure

This Global Box Truss Flat Roof is designed 12x8m size with Global Box Truss 290x290mm. Simple and economic for USA market!

2 way black truss corner

2 Way 90 Degree Square Black Truss Corner

2 Way Black Truss Corner is most widely used compared with other corners for Architecture Trusses Structures.

road ready road cases

DIY Stackable Music Mixer amp road case

Slant Rack Travel Road Case For DXP20-4: This Custom Mixer Road Case is for DXP20-4 device. Specifications: road case 1 handle, heavy fasteners ball corners black, removable cover suitable for DXP20-4 weight 5,0kg

church stage with truss

6m Church Small Stage Triangular Roof with Truss Kits

6m Stage Roof System for sale at factory price by Stage Truss Manufacturer ITSCtruss in China!

box truss beam buy

14 Inch Global Square Box Truss Beam Frame For Sale

This 14" x 14" Box Truss Beam Lighting is featuring with medium duty and with stronger duty at centre point load 550kg at 14m span comparied with the 12 Inch Box Truss. 

aluminum hybrid lid location case

6063 T5 Aluminium hybrid lid location groove extrusions for Case

This Aluminium Hybrid Lid Location is special custom for flight cases racks.

steel ball corner

Road Case Stainless Steel Ball Corner Projector for sale

This Ball Corner Projector is widely used for all kinds of flight cases. 

aluminum truss box dock

3m dia Theatre Graphical Five Star Truss Rigging Fixture

Global Star Truss System manufacturers and supplies ITSCtruss and used for light, clubs, dj,stage shows, events, exhibition, ect.

medium butterfly latch double

Lockable Medium Butterfly Latch Clips Keeper Panel for Sale

This Medium Butterfly Latch Lock is specially custom for our stage lighting cases for roadshows.

adjustable stage platform

DJ Portable Stage System with Handrail

DJ Stage System is widely used for DJ events. It is portable and easy to install. 

large corner brace with ribs lightweight

Large Heavy Duty Metal Corner brace with ribs

This Heavy Duty Large Corner Brace With Ribs are widely used for flight rack cases.

small portable stage for sale

L shape Aluminum Small Portable Stage System for Sale

This Mobile Stage Platform is constructed with the 4x8' Collapsible Concert Stage as " L" shape for small events.

Truss lighting systems

20m Truss Lighting System Flat Roof Structure for Concerts

This Truss Lighting System is manufactured by ITSCtruss with 20x15m flat roof structure with one ciruclar truss in the middle to hang more lighting. 

garage roof trusses for sale

40ft Cheap Price Triangular Roof Lighting Trusses Systems

40ft Triangular Roof Trusses are very popular in Europe for its light and simple roof design. It is 40x32x32ft in size, best choice for event management companies. It is for sale at factory price only.

rack mount flight case

14U 19In DJ Amp Amplifier Gator Rack Case

Audio Rack Case is portale and hight quality for road shows. ITSCtrus offer a perfect range of alll kinds of Rack Cases.

19 rack flight case

16U 19 Inch DIY Effects Mixer Rack Mount Flight Case

16U Space Rack AMP Road Case with casters for musical instruments devices.

vertical truss tower

Aluminum truss tower system lift

Truss Tower Lift System is popular used in Truss Structure Setup for performance.

truss swivel clamp

Aluminium Half Swivel Lighting Truss Clamp For 30mm

This Truss Tube Clamp is mini in size and specially designed for the 30mm dia truss tubes.

Rolling stage risers

2m Quick Lock Mobile Rolling Stage Risers with Wheels

This Portable Stage Riser is customized with 1x2m Quick Lock Portable Stage with Rolliing wheels for easy move for Drum Bands.

Portable stage platforms quad

16ft Round Stage with Quicklock Portable Stage 1x1m for wedding

This Round Stage System is made of Quicklock Portable Stage Platforms 1x1m with stairs for wedding events.High adjustable from 40-60cm.

portable round stage qualifying

7m Dia Multi Portabl Round Stage Platforms for Theatre

This Portable Plywood Round Stage is equiped with 4 small round stage kits around the big on for special churches concerts, wedding,ect. 

lightweight modular staging

4 x 8 ft Steel Ringlock Scaffolding Portable Modular Stage

4x8ft Steel Ringlock Scaffolding Portable Stage Kit is supported with Steel scaffolding, and it can be installed into any height and dimensions you need for events concerts. 

mic stand flight case

22U Shockmount Rack Case

This Shockproof Rack Case Space Equipment is a 24" deep case with front rails only. Heavy duty shockmount cases a finished 1/2" plywood inner rack sheel that floats in a foam.

truss arch canopy

7x3m Small Portable Stage Curved Box Truss Roof

This Arch Aluminium Truss Stage Roof is hotsale in Australia for outdoor sports events such as Tennis, Golfs, Races, ect. 

aluminum flight case

6U Best Lighting Controller Flight Case Rack

Best Flight Case Ocasion for stage lighting controller by ITSCtruss.

Square truss for sale

290mm Aluminum Square Lighting truss

290 mm Square Aluminum Lighting Truss is DIY installation with spigot connection. It is a lightweight Modular Stage Truss with UPL 390kg and UDL 75kg at10 m span. Square Aluminum Truss is widely used in roof system, stage lighting hangers, dj, round truss, line array speakers, concerts, entertainments, events, performance, exhibit booths, LED screen, music, theatre, circus, studio, disco, tv, wedding party, hotel,ect.

truss cube block price in india

Global Black box truss corner Cube for 400x400mm bolt Truss

This Box Truss Cube is powder coated black for the black box truss 400x400mm bolt truss by ITSCtruss. 

20 ft truss

20ft aluminum Square Spigot Flat Roof Truss

20ft Aluminum Square Spigot Flat Roof Truss is configurated with 290 Aluminum square spigot trusses and towers. It is portable and lightweight and quick to install for small events both outdoor and inddor. 

flight case ball corner grip

Flight case Mini Ball Corner Holder Brace Protector

This Mini Ball Corner Holder is custom for special small flight cases racks for tool cases.

typical roof truss

80 Foot Aluminium Heavy Duty Triangular Gable Roof Trusses structure System

80 ft span Triangular Roof Truss is constructed with 520 x 760mm for the Gable Roof Truss. It is heavy duty and durable for all kinds of events. 

box lighting truss and stage sale craigslist

26ft Portable Box Lighting Truss And Stage GridFlat Roof

This box lighting truss and stage for weding partes is widely used for outdoor as shed.

hard shell guitar flight case company

Aluminum hard shell 1 guitar flight case for sale

Factory Wholesale Plucked String Aluminium Guitar Flight Case by ITSCtruss at factory price only!

box truss structure global

450mm Global long span modular box truss structure

Modular Box Truss Structure Girder Frame for Roof: ITSC-BSB45 box truss kit is medium-duty segment with Main-tube 50 x 3 mm, Sub-main tube 50 x 2 mm,  Bracing 25 x 2 mm, and it offers an optimum lifting capacity 550kg at 16m span and indicates the practical versatile in all kinds Stage Rigging Systems for studios, wedding, mobile stage covers,  concerts, exhibitions, tents, events, and other complex structures like displays or booths.  Features: 4- point nodding  TUV and SGS approved Free design and technology support OEM and ODM acceptable Powder coating and anodizing to any color without any peeling More than 10 years production experience 550kg centre point load capacity in 16m span Specification: Item 450x450mm metal box truss structure Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6 Types Square Main tubes 50 x 3 mm Sub-main tubes 50 x 2 mm Braces 25 x 2 mm Connection type Bolt  Length and Weight: Length Weight 50 cm 9.9 kg 100 cm 13.9 kg 150 cm 17.75 kg 200 cm 21.50 kg 250 cm 25.35kg 300 cm 29.20 kg Other length can be custom on request. Application: This Box Truss Beam Bridge is widely used for hire, decorations, car shows, exhibitions booths, churches, world cup events, ect. 

trussed beam ladder

290mm Aluminium i beam lighting ladder truss

Aluminum I Beam lighting Ladder Truss is cheap price,and its loading capacity is CPL 26 kg and UDL 9kg at 6m span. This i Beam Lighting Truss is widely used in flat circular truss, rotary circle lighting trsus, backdrop, roof truss, audio, exhibit truss kits, theatre, event, concert, line array speaker, led screen, banner, tv, party, outdoor,ect.

Tower lifting ladder

Truss Tower Stand Lifting Ladder Erecting System ITSC-A19

The Stand Lifting Erecting System is specially designed and fabricated by ITSC to erect the Trusses Pillars by us to setup Roof Trusses.

tri truss for sale

390mm Aluminum Long Span Tri Chord Triangular Light Truss

ITSC-CT39 is Longer Span than ITSC-CT29, and its CPL is 180 kg and UDL, 23 kg/m at 16 m span. Tri Chord Truss is mosly used in heavy duty truss system, roofs, concerts, music, events, theatre, ect.

Ground support Truss for wedding

10m Dia Circular Pyramid Roof Truss Structure for Lighting and speakers

This 10M Dia Circular Pyramid Truss Roof Structure is specially designed and combined with the Round Stage for outdoor venues to hang lighting, speakers, ect.  It is based on 8m Dia Circular Truss and 4 sets Lifting Tower Ground Support.  

Aluminium truss price

20M Aluminium Triangular Roof Stage Truss System Price

This Stage Truss System is with 20m span triangular roof and configurated with ITSC-CS52 as main rigging and with heavy duty structure design to keep safe. Its Price is USD100.36/sqm.

Round stage Wedding

3m Dia Portable Glass Round Wedding Stage

This Portable Glass Round Wedding Stages is hotsale new products in 2020 expecial designed for marriages! It can hold 7-8 people per square meter. It is luxury wedding stages. 

events outdoor roof metal

12M Stage Dome Roof Truss Structure Kit Shed

Buy Stage Dome Roof directly from manufacturers? ITSCtruss would be your best choice, since we have more than 10 years experience in designs and fabrications!

truss system for roofing

14m Temporary Stage Truss Triangular Roof For Sale

This Aluminium Truss System is widely used for temporary shed for outdoor emmergency events, such as refugges camps, covid-19 testing,sales promotions,ect.

stage truss near me

24m Temporary Outdoor Stage Triangular Roof Trusses

This Temporary Truss Structure is simplified from standard one who is for Temporary Structure Stage. This Outdoor Temporary Stage Roof is widely used for emergency or temporary setup events. 

Lighting stand

5.5m Economic Crank Up Lighting Stand

This Light Truss Stand is usually setup with 6m lighting truss to hang stage lighting for DJ, meeting, studio, night clubs, bars,ect.

circular truss for sale

2.5m Dia Circular Truss with middle cross truss and bolt connection

This Circular Trusses is customed to be 2.5m dia with 2 cross truss bars in the middle to hang more lighting features.  It is configurated with the 300x300mm Box Truss with bolt connection!

20u rack flight case

20U 19In Black Shockmount Amplifier Media Rack Case Equipment

20U Shock Proof Rack Case On Wheels made in chiina for outdoor roadie music and bands, hotsale by ITSCtruss.

stage barrier snake runner price

Stage Cable Snake Runner Door Pattern Barrier for Sale

This Stage Barrier Snake Cable Door Pattern is with a bridge gate under the vertical plate like a snake runner to pass through the cables for the stages effects.

road cases for sale

12U DIY Custom Rack Mount Road Ready Case For Sale

DJ Road Case China Supplier ITSCtruss  factory directly design and produce all flight cases for you on request.

aluminium trusses for sale bar

Custom Aluminium Truss Roof for outdoor Basketball Court

This Excellent Baseketball Court Shade Truss Roof is specially cutom-made by ITSCtruss company for outdoor races.

black steel base plate

300 x 1000 MM Rectangle Black Steel Base Plate

Rectangular Base Plates are extended from the standard range of the steel Base plates. It is more stable and stronger for the ideal solution for the truss poles for support the lighting fixture on the top.

aluminum truss box corner

4 Way Square Truss Corner ITSC-C51

This 4 Way Square Corner for ITSC-CS29 is special designed for custom structure roof.

medium butterfly latch draw

Quick Panel Rotary Medium Butterfly Latch White

This Medium Butterfly Latch Clips are specially for all kinds of road cases packages.

revolving round stage theatre

1M Dia 4mH Small Revolvinng Wedding Round Stage Platform System

This Small Theatre Revolving Stage System is custom with 1m dia only usually for wedding, theatre, concerts,ect.

 mobile stage manufacturers

28ft Dia Cheap DJ Event Mobile Round Stage Craigslist

This DJ Best All Round Stage is constructed with the 4x4 Portable Stage for its easy setup.

reliable hardware Double angle extrusion

Flight Case Aluminium Metal Double Angle Corner extrusion kit

This Double Angle Extrusion Unit is specially custom for all kinds of flight cases units for roadshows. 

aluminum rigging truss

Collapsible Folding Truss Corner 3 Way "T" Shape

This Aluminium Folding Truss Corner is specially designed and produced to equipe with Blobal Folding Truss Systems for outdoor stage roof events. 

guitar brady fligth case

8 Acoustic Instrument Guitar Stand Flight Case

This Acoustic Guitar Stand Fligth Case can holdd 8 pcs guitar as road runner for mobile shows.

Rolling loud stage

8x8 DIY Aluminium Portable Rolling Drum Stage System

This Rolling Drum Stage System is specially custom for diy use for drum bands for indoor events.

Ground support

46 Foot Ground Support Triangular Roof stage Trusses System

46 Foot Triangular Roof Truss System is based on Ground Support for concerts, performances, band, music, and events.

Telesctopic tower

4m Tripod Lighting Stand with Single T bar

This 4m Lighting Stand is Lightweight and portable,cheap in price. 

lighting truss structure

12x8m Lighting Truss Structure Flat Roof With Light

12X8m Outdoor Lighting Truss System Description: This Portable Lighting Truss is based on Standard Bolted Truss ITSC-BS30  as beam and pillars. It is set up with a Round Box Truss and  another two additional Aluminum Beam Truss Line in the middle on top to hightlight the stage lighting. It is modular and versatile. It is quick and easy to assemble, saving building time and labour cost. Besides, you can also extend it to be Pyramid roof, Arc Roof,ect.  Features: Just install the system with your standard ITSC-BS30 and ITSC-BS30 in stock Bolted connection make your installation competitive cheaper Coating power to be black is available Specification: Item 12x8m Lighting Truss Flat Roof with light Towers 300x300mm bolted plated truss Main grid 300x300mm medium duty truss Dimensions 12x8m Loading capacity 2600kg  Total weight 1418kg Transporation volume 15.5m3 Max. wind speed 27m/s Appplication: Product presentations Theatre shows, musicals and operas Concerts, festivals and fairgrounds Exhibitioins and trade shows Celebrations and parties Conventions and larg-scale meetings

hydraulic lift equipment quotation

1x2x1mH DIY electric hydraulic lift equipment desk for car

This Hydraulic Portable Lifting Equipment is custom with 1x2m x1m H for car safety lift devices during the maintainance, as wel as the lifitng stage systems for performance.

mobile stage flooring

1x1m Mobile Graphical Quick Lock Portable Stage Flat

This 1x1m Quick Lock Mobile Stage is custom with aluminium frame and 18mm plywood with quick lock system for easy installation.

Portable risers kit

6M W Aluminium Custom Curved Portable Stage Seating Riser

This Portable Choral Risers is custom to be curved shape with 1x1m quick lock portable stage platforms with guardrails for churches, choirs, schools, bands, music,ect. 

circular stage platform conference

2m Circular Lightweight Dancing Stage with Runway

This Cheap Circular Stage Platforom is widely used for band shows or dj evens.

aluminum single angle quote

Aluminium Single Angle Extrusion Bracket Frame for Sale

Aluminium Single Angle Frame is a must for all kinds of flight cases rack.

Portable staging for churches

Small Portable Stage System with 1x1m quick lock stages for churches

This Portable Church Stage System is constructed with 1x1m quick lock stage decks which is much quicker and easier to install for Churches events. 

truss box corner

Apexi Down 3 Way Square Truss Corner

This 3 Way Square Truss Corner is specially featured as it is Apexi-Down and can connect trussing in 3 direction for Night Clube Mini Truss Rigging.

hydraulic stage manufacturer

1x2mx3mH Square Hydraulic Adjustable Wedding Stage Lift

This Hydraulic Stage System is specailly applied for theatre show stage and wedding events. It is manufactured by ITSCtruss located in China.

buy stage ramp

Heavy Duty Aluminium Portable Stage Access Ramp

This Stage Loading Ramp is made of aluminium profile for movable stage access. It is foldable and heavy duty.

dj lighting truss to top plate

12In Aluminium Lighting Box Truss Plate for Totems and Ends

This Spigot Box Truss Plate is featured with 12x12" size which is portable and light weight but stronge for totem and ends plates.

Circular Truss hire

Aluminum Spigot Square Circular Lighting Truss

Spigot Square Circular Lighting Truss is based Spigot Square Truss, and it is easy and quick to install. It is widely used for architecture special truss systems for wedding, displays, exhibit, LED screen, ect.

aluminum stage truss drawing

50ft Global Aluminium Mod Truss Stage Flat Roof System

This Stage lighting Truss Structure is featured with mod trusses blocks as beam and supported with our standard box trusses ITSC-CS39.

truss display truss

16 Foot Portable Triangular Roof Stage Truss

16 foot Triangular Roof Truss is combined with Portable Stage System for small events. It is lightweight and good quality for indoor and outdoor events.

China Truss corner

Plated Bolt 4 Way Square Bolt Truss Corner

4 Way Square Corner is a Standard One for truss to connect in 4 Ways for 90 degrees.

truss rigging accessories

Global Double Ended Conical Coupler and Pins

This Conical truss couplers are usually equiped with the pins and R clips to connect the box trusses equipment.

Lightweight Stage Trolley

Portable Modular Aluminium Stage Trolley

Where to buy a stage trolleyto store or transport your Aluminium Portable Stages Braces easier? ITSCtruss group has designed and produced trolleys for your stage decks. This heavy duty trolley is  for you to store the braces.

Portable outdoor stage

Portable Outdoor Stage System for Churches

Where to Buy Church Stage Platform Systems from? ITSCtruss will be your best choise, and we have keeping offering our Portable Stages for Nigeria Churches since 2010 which is hotsale and have won great reputation!

aluminum truss rental stage light frame

40ft Aluminium Graphical Wedding Stae Truss Flat Roof

This Graphical Truss Stage Deck is widely used for outdoor performance shows in Nigeria.

Tyler pre rig truss

Heavy Duty Black Pre-rig moving light truss with TUVE certificates

Heavy Black Pre-Rig Moving Light Truss is updated from the Black Pre-Rig Truss to be double layers for installing more lightings on requests. 

aluminum beam truss ladders

300mm Chinese Cheap Price Silver Metal Bolt Ladder Truss

Where to buy trusses? Chinese Metal Bolt Truss is cheap, Its capacity is CPL24 kg and UDL 9kg at 6 m span. It is commonly applied for hire, dj, goalpost, disco, booth, studio, av, projector, outdor, screen, door, decoration, tv, party, performance, entertainment, wedding, outdoor, studio,ect.

truss book corners

Aluminium Truss Book Corner for Wedding Truss

Truss Book Corner is custom with hinges available for any truss angles  for led truss lighting.

Raised roof trusses

16 Foot Small Triangular Roof Trusses StructureSystems

16 Foot Span Small Triangular Roof Truss is another extention of Aluminium Roof Trusses for outdoor events for school.

stage barrier buy rate

Buy Aluminium Concert Stage Barrier Pit for Sale

Stage Barrier Buy Price by ITSCtruss China supplier and get quote right now! ITSCtruss offer a wide range of stage barrier in stock and sell very quickly.

diy road case store

China Stackable Pioneer Bass Leko Road Case

Stackable Road Case for Light opertation DC device.

Rigging Speakers Truss

50ft Lighting Truss System On Stage Flat Roof for Sale

How to Rig Lighting Truss? This 50x40ft Span Flat Stage Roof would be your best solution!

Portable stage lighting system

Alu Custom Semi Circular Stage Deck System Platform

This Semi Circular Stage Kit is customized with our stand portable stage deck ITSC-S15-2 which is easy to install and dismantle.

dj truss arch

400mm Curve Bolt Box Truss for Arc roof or Circular Truss

This Arc Truss Segment is made of 400x400mm box bolt truss segments specially for arc roof or circular trusses.

road case workbox

20U Rack Mounted Flight Case with workstation Drawers

This Wardrobe Flight Case is robust and  of good production for universal use. 

stage roof system manufacturer

40ft Arch Truss Stage Roof Beam System Covering

This Arc Roof Truss System is usually equiped with Portable modular stage decks.

cd flight case storage

Aluminium 2 x CD DJ Road Flight Case for Sale

We offer large format CD player fligt cases for studio DJ events.

flight case flat corner corners protectors

Flight Case Flat Corner Mount Desk Brace Kit Projector

This Flight Case Flat Corner Projector is widely used for special custom cases.

small platform stage

DIY Small indoor stage platform system

DIY Small Stage Systems are portable and easy to install for band risers, wedding events. Stage Skirt is also can be easily attached to the it. 

truss corner block

4 Way Square truss Corner Completely Cross 90 degrees

4 Way Square Truss Corner is complete " Cross" in the middle, and it is widely used in to connect the Beams for Roof Trusses Setup.

concert stage barrier corner block

Concert Stage Barrier Corner Door Entrance Fence Block

This Corner is used when there is angle for the Stage Barrier Walls. It can work out any angle as the barrier walls need.

stage barrier trolley two

Shopping Stage Barrier Cart Crowd Fence for Sale

The Stage Barrier Cart is aluminium alloy Without Wheels to pack the Concert Crowd Control Barriers easily. 10 barriers in one Trolley.

workbench folding table legs

19U Flight Road Case Folding Table Legs

This Steel Folding Table Legs are specially custom for all kinds of flight cases as table platform.

Beamz professional square truss corner

2 Way Square Truss Corner 90 Degrees

2 Way Square Corner is usually applied in DJ truss booths and Goalpost.

truss circular chile

5m Dia Global Circular Box Truss for DJ Setup

This 5m Dia Circular Truss Online is specialy custom for DJ night light installation which can be equiped with other box truss backdrops.

pvc cover

PVC Lighting Truss Stage Roof System Cover

PVC Lighting Truss Roof System Cover is a must while construct the roof for outdoor Events. 

aluminum truss hinge

Global Aluminium Box Truss Hinge Block Corner for Sale

This box truss corner is featured with a hinge section between two truss corners for any angles to build. 

concert stage barriers aluminium

Aluminium Alloy Concert Stage Barrier Fence Online Price

Aluminium Concert Stage Barriers are usually a must for outdoor and indoor events concerts to keep safe for both the crowd and stages. This Concert Stage Barrier Sheet is featuring LED locking.

concert stage speakers

20ft Outdoor Concert Stage Triangular Roof For Speaker

Concert Stage Concepts for Live shows in kenay which would interest you mostly.

recessed butterfly latch lighting

Recessed Butterfly Latch Hardware Locking Handle

This Quick Release Recessed Butterfly Latch is custom for all kinds of flight cases items by ITSCtruss.

medium lid stay outdoor

DIY heavy duty medium lid stay lock latch hardward

This stainless steel medium lid stay is widley used for the rolling  flight cases.

multipe guitar flight case

Multiple road runner Chest Style Guitar Fligth Case Rack

This Custom  Guitar Flight Case is featured with road runner rack designs for easy storage and transportation for the acoustic guitar instrument.

lighting truss tower

10x4m Outdoor Lighting Rig Box Truss Flat Stage Roof

This Global Lighting Truss System is hotsale in Malaysia for its easy setup and competitive price offered by ITSCtruss manufacturer.

case ball corner display

Aluminum Road Case Ball Corner Hardware

This Flight Case Metal Corner is a must for all kinds of road cases. 

adjustable height stage platform

Adjustable DJ Portable Double Stage Table with Wheels

This Adjustable Stage Table is specially custom on request for DJ events for Nigeria people. It is featured with wheels for easy move.

Design roof truss

5m Dia Circle Truss System Structure for Car show

This Circle Truss System Structure is construced with a Truss Circle put on the top of a ground support flat truss roof system for outdoor car shows.

rectangular truss model

400 x 600mm Cheap Stage Bolt Rectangular Truss as Beam

6082 t6 Aluminum Rectangular Truss 400 x 600mm is usually applied as Truss Beam in Modular Truss Systems. It is Cheap Truss with bolt connection.

movable scaffolding platform stage system

Steel Scaffolding Layer adjustable height platform stage deck system

ITSC truss supplies Adjustable Height Steel Platform Stage System with scafolding ringlock layers upport with hotsale 4 x 4 ft platform stage.

backdrop box truss column

3m dia high quality star truss equipment box truss

Buy Five Star Truss Systems for stage truss backdrop system from ITSCtruss at factory price only!

anti slip Plywood Panels

Laminated Hexapgonal Plywood Panels with Hexagonal Patterns

This Buffalo Board Plywood Panel is custom for our flight cases by ITSCtruss.

stage rigging theatrical equipment supplies

500 Square Box Truss Rigging Theatre Beam Equipment

Buy Aluminium Box Truss 500x500mm from ITSCtruss company for high quality!

butterfly clip latch keeper

Medium Recessed Clip Latch Keeper kit

This lockable butterfly clip latch is specially used for all kinds of flight cases, such as road cases, lighting cases,dj cases,ect. 

aluminum circular box truss system

12m heavy duty Aluminum bolt box circular stage lighting truss

This 12m Dia circular bo truss beam system is specialy custom for outdoor concert stage installation which can be equiped with special round LED screen displays.

truss arch system

32 Foot Cheap Curved Roof Lighting Trusses System

32 x 32 Foot Curved Roof Truss System is customized by ITSC truss for Special Concert Events Truss in Gymnasium in USA.

tower trusss

Hinge Section Tower for Bolt Truss System

Hinge Section Tower is made in aluminum for Bolt Truss Sysem Setup.

stage truss roof system

12m Triangular Roof Stage Truss System Stucture

This Triangular Roof Stage Truss System Stucture is designed  with symple triangular roof and with plat roof trusses systems inside to hang more lighting fixtures. 

Large duty lid stay hinge

Large DIY stainless steel lid stay lid hinges

This Large Lid Stay Hinge Kit is widely used for the flight cases. 

hydraulic maintenance platform

1.5x2.5mx1mH Outdoor Hydraulic Platform Elevator Lift table

This Portable Hydraulic Platform is specially custom with 1.5x2.5m dimention and 1m H specilly for short distance lift for stage theatres.

18u rack case how much

18U Space Shockmount Flight Rack Case Hardware On wheels

19" 18U Rack Case with Wheels is designed with sliding slam lid with doors which can be easily be stored within the case when accessing.

mobile truss equipment for sale

6m Dia Mobile Circular DJ Stage Truss Roof System Kit

Luxury Mobile Truss Stage Equipment for indoor and outdoor dj evens, weddings, and band shows.

truss system architecture

6m Outdoor Portable Stage Triangular Roof for Sale

This Stage Roof For Sale is small and portable for outdoor stage events. 

head road case

Buy Professional Road Case for Scan XT1

DIY Road Case for Scan XT1 to pretect and store the devices.

10 box truss inch

10 Inch Outdoor Black Box Truss Kit Light Duty Rigging

This 10 Inch Wide Box Truss is lighweight and powder coated to be black for small events performances or exhibition booths kits.

par light flight case occasion

LED DMX Par Lighting Road Case Event 16 in 1

Custom heavy duty 16 x LED Par Lighting Road Case for mobile roadie shows. 

stage truss roof

14m Dia Aluminium Dome Roof Stage Truss Structure

This Aluminium Truss Roof is featured with Dome shape and equiped with the portable stage system for outdoo venues.

angle corner extrusion box

Buy Aluminum right angle extrusioon box

This Single Angle Corner Extrusion for sale is a must use for all kinds of rack cases and lighting cases from ITSCtruss company. 

Music Festival stage

Music Festival Stage System with Handrail

This Music Festival Stage System is equiped with 1x1m quick lock stage platforms with handrails on the back to keep safe.

black eva foam sheets large

Buy High quality Large Black Eva Foam SHeets Roll

Black Eva Foam Sheets Roll is specially for all kinds of flight cases racks by ITSCtruss.

pucked sstring hard shell guitar flight case

Small Fender Telecaster Line Multiple Rockcase Guitar Flight Case

This Jazzmaster Guitar Flight Case is widely used for touring shows to store and transport the guitar instruments.

temporary truss structure assembly

40M temporary Box Truss Stage Triangle lifting tower Structure

This Temporary Truss Structure Roof is modular and mobile for  emergency use as and outdoor  shed. 

semi circle stage roof truss

31m W Heavy Duty Outdoor Tunnel Roof Stage System

This Heavy Duty Stage Tunnel Roof System is featuring with its 31.28m W x 11.78m H x 35m D dimensions. Its capacity can be at 10 tons in toal!

heavy duty truss system

24 m Aluminum Heavy Duty Curved Roof Stage Truss System

24m Span Heaby Duty Curved Roof Truss System is customized with 520x760mm Heavy duty Truss Beam and 450x450mm Medium Duty Truss Masts for big concerts events. 

Round Steel Base plate

Dia 600 MM Black Truss Round Steel Base Plate

Truss Round Base Plate is a compact product and stable for Indoor Truss Totems and Gantry and small Towers.

theatre-in-the-round stage facts

16ft Round Stage Area with Custom 1x1 Portable Stage Decks

This Round Stage Area is customized to be 4m dia with curved 1x1m mobile Graphical quick lock portabl stage.

surface mount spring loaded handle

Flight Case Rack Surface Mount Flip Cabinet Handles

Surface Mount Handle Kit is specially custom for all kinds of flight rack cases for mobile shows. 

outdoor concert runway stage for sale

Portable Outdoor Concert Runway Stage Platform System for Sale

This Concert Event Runway Stage For Sale is custom with aluminium alloy with 4x4 portable stage decks.

stage 4 x 8 aluminum sheet

4x8 Portable Aluminum Adjustable Stage Deck System

This Outdoor Stage System is built with 4x8 stage decks for stage canopy system.

par light flight case kit

DIY DJ Band LED Parcan Lighting Road Case 8 in 1

8 x DJ Par Lighting Flight Case Trunk for Roadie Events: This Par Light Flight Case Trunk is designed to ensure the security of LED lighting par transportation for road shows. With wheels, it can be easily move here and there during the road shows. Feature: · black, 11mm multiplex · butterly fasteners · big ball corners · 4 handles · upper module removeable · 4 x 100mm wheels (2 retarded) · weight 34,0 kg

mobile stage equipment for sale

1x1m Quick Lock Mobile Portable Stage Block on Wheels

This Portable Stage 1x1m is featuring with its aluminium frame and built on wheels for easy moving during the events.

Stage skirting for sale

DIY Stage Skirt with black colour and cheap price

Just attach this elegant Black Stage Skirts to your portable stages which is frame- resistant.  Any colour can be custom .

base jack price

Adjustable Leveling Jack Base for Portable Stages

This Adjustable Jack Base is usually used for leveling aluminium stages and the steel ringlock scaffolding structure stages. It is adjustable for unven floor. It is Zinc-galvanized  steel. and usualy applied for outdoor stage systems.

box lighting truss and stage horizontal grid

6m DIY Box Lighting Truss and stage Craigslist for indoor display

This Graphical Truss Stage Stand is widely used for indoor display exhibition, expecially for moving heads, speakers, led screens, projectors, ect.

Aluminum truss roof systems

24 foot Lightweight Aluminium triangular Roof Trusses system

24 Roof Triangular Roof is lightweight but popular for small events rental business.

box lighting truss manufacturers in india

20.5inch Global Portable Box Lighting Truss Frame for sale

This Portable Box Lighting Box Truss is widely used for both indoor and outdoor big evens.

lighting truss price

40 professional Tunnel Roof lighitng Trusses Systems cheap

This 4 0 x 40 Foot Tunnel Roof LightingTruss is kind popular in South of Africa for outdoor contertainment. It is constructed with bolt trusses and cheap.

Ladder beam scaffolding

400mm 6mtr Aluminium Solid scaffold ladder beam Truss for sale

This 400mm Scaffolding Ladder Beam Truss is developed from ITSC-CL39 to be 50x400mm for custom 400x400mm Beam Truss in stage roofs. 

large pedal board case diy flight

Extra Large Aluminium Tour Pedal Boar Case Kit

This Large Tour Pedalboard Flight Case is specially for large size pedals for touring shows.

pre rig truss prolyte

Black Pre Rig Truss with wheels to pre rigged lighting fixtures for venues

Black Pre Rig Linear Truss with wheels underside is designed for Pre rigging lighting fixtures before moving to venues. This Pre-Rig Truss System from ITSCtruss is special powder coated and manufacturerd to suit truck pack width.

rigging triangle truss

230mm Global Lightweight Triangle Lighting Truss

This Triangle Truss is lightweight, portable, mini shape and hotslae for dj truss rigging system.

triangular lighting truss corner

3 Way Triangular Truss Corner

3 Way Triangular Corner is specially designed and produced by ITSC truss for the Triangle Truss ITSC-CT29. It is mostly used in DJ Truss Equipment for Mini Booths or Dislays.

truss stand

4m Lighting Stand with Double T Bar

This Double T Bar Lighting Stand is extended from 4m lighting stand with 2pcs  2m bar to hang 16 stage lighting which is cheaper than the heavy duty stand.

cheap guitar flight case

DIY Custom Cheap Lightweight reverb guitar flight case

This DIY Guitar Flight Case is specially custom for acoustic guitar for touring shows. 

Triangle Truss structure

300mm Global Architecture 3 Point Estructura Triangular Stage Truss Structure

This Globa Tri Truss is featuring with 3 Point Chord, and its dimension is customed to be 300x300mm with Steel pin Connection. Is is widely used for stage truss structures in concert events.

stage and truss for sale

Aluminium Folding Light Truss Stage 520x760mm Price

Heavy Folding Truss 520x760mm spigoted is expecially high loading capacity and idear for outdoor and indoor live concert stage equipment.

tunnel roofs china price

16m China Half Round Tunnel Stage Roof System For Sale

This 16m Span Stage Tunnel Roof is heavy duty and can carrry great feature like huge loading capacity, and additional lighting trusses cantilever.

Lighting Stands

6m Heavy Duty Outdoor Lighting Stand

6m Heavy Duty Lighting Stand is most welcome for its 260 kg capacity and it is more stable when cranking up heavy stuff to 6m height.

Curved lighting truss

Vertical Curved Truss Section

This Curved Truss designed with ITSC-CL29 vertical ladder truss. And it is widely used as sections of Vertical Ladder Circular Truss or Curved Roof Truss Beams. 

how to build a runway stage

Portable DIY Runway Stage System for fashion show

This Runway Stage System is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor fashion shows. It is constructed with standard 4x4ft aluminium stage platforms and just only DIY setup. 

dj aluminum truss for sale

250mm Aluminium lightweight curved lighting truss

This 250mm Curved Truss is made of aluminum truss beams 250x250mm box truss, and it is lightweight and hotsale for DJ events.

triangular black truss

Spigot Triangular Black Truss

Black Triangular Truss is Powder Coated to be black from the ITSC-CT29 for luxious exhibition booths, trande shows, ect.

8 inch box truss

8 Inch Aluminium Bolted Plated Mini Lighting Box Truss

This 8" X 8" Plated Bolted Mini Box Truss is widely used for display booths for its lightweight.

ITSC truss box corners

Durable Aluminium Bolt Truss Box Corner

The 400 X 400 mm Square Bolt Truss Box Corner is with 6 way connection for 90 degrees trusses angles for grid configuration. 

12 aluminum box truss corner

12 In 90 Degrees Global Aluminum Black Box Truss Corner

This Global Corner Truss is 90 degrees with 2 ways to connect 12 x 12 spigot box truss. and it is widely used in Grid Box Truss Booth Grid. 

Nickel Plated Case corner protector

Stainless Flight Case Flat Corner Guard

This Steel Flat Corner is widely used for all kinds of flight cases. 

arc roof stage outdoor design advertising

32ft Stage Curved Roof Architecture Covering Deck

Buy the Stage Curved Roof Framing from ITSCtruss for all kinds of entertainment and advertising: billboard, commecial, events, concerts,ect.

Foldable Ballast Tanks

Lighting Truss Ballast System Foldable Water Tank 800L

Water Tanks with 800L water capacity to creat stage truss  ballast systems.

light on truss equivalent

11ft Backdrop Box Truss Five Star Truss Equipment Cost

Lightweight Five Star Truss for outdoor and indoor concert stage truss sysem backdrops or architecture truss structures. 

stage barrier gate cost

Stage Barrier Entrance Hinged Door Gate Kit Block For Sale

This Stage Barrier Door Gate is an extention of the Crowd Control Solutions to make a passage along barricades wall for crowd audience  or security personnel to go through when neccessy.

Truss global  China

18x18 Inch Global Aluminium Plated Box Truss Beam

Buy 18"x18" Box Truss Beam Bolted for stage lighting rigging and light grids for 55ft span truss systems.

portable staging for sale

8x8ft Aluminum Portable Concert Stage System For Sale

This Portable Stage Platform System is another option with heavy duty capacity for outdoor concert events.

Stage lifts for sale

3m Dia Round Heavy Duty Hydralic Stage Lifts

3m Dia Round Heavy Duty Hydralic Scissor Rotating Stage Lifts:  This Hydraulit Rotating Stage Scissor  Lift System is working in a number of applications. It lifts from 1.5-4.5m. It is used to reveal artists, videos screens, cars, trucks or products,ect.

flight case handle fittings

Flight Case Medium Butterfly Clip Latch Handle for Sale

This DIJ Flight Case Handle is custom for all kinds of flght cases for easy handle during roadshow.

Light Weight Circular Lighting Truss

12 m Dia Circular Roof Truss Structure System

12m Dia Circular Roof Truss Structure System is based on the towers and the Circular Lighting Truss Segments. Easy to setup and featuring your event managements. 

truss for lights a frame

3m Dia star truss system equipment for lights rigging kits

ITSCtruss is a professional company offering Five Star Trusses for decoration.

plated silver truss

Lightweight Plated Silver Square Circular Truss Cheap

Plated Circular Truss is featuring with its Cheap Price with bolt connection. Any diameter is custom.

Black stage skirting

Box Pleat Stage Skirting for Portable Foldable Stages

This  Elegant Box Pleat Stage Skirting  is specially designed for the portable folding stage platforms by ITSCtruss.

small stage band circular truss

390 mm Spigot Square Circular Truss

Spigot Square Circular Truss, customized with 390x 390mm square truss, is heavy duty circles for big stage concerts events, theatre,and big door and entrance. 

Ground Support Truss System

14m Ground Support Triangular Roof Truss System Structure

This Ground Support Truss System is featured with triangular roof system at 14x10x8m dimensions, and it is covered with top and other 3 sides of PVC cover to keep water or rain outside.

black dj truss company

Buy 200mm DIY Aluminium Black dj Box Truss Craigslist

This DIY Black DJ Box Truss is specially custom with main tube 25x2mm and bracing 12x2mm for lights.

pipe support truss

20 In Lighting Truss Tube with one extension welded clamp

20 In Lighting Truss Tube with one  extension welded clamp: This Stage Truss Pipe is based on 1.96"x0.18" tubes round tubes and welded with one clamp at end to connect the ITSC-CS29 box lighting trussing Segment. Feature: Easy to set up for simply haning stage lighting besides the lighting box truss Lighting weight and easy for storage Specification: Item 20" Lighting Truss Tube with one extension welded clamp Size 60" long Dia. 1.96"x0.18" tubes Material 6061-T6 /6082-T6 Capacity 162kg

Rigging hoist

1 Ton Motor hoist for Truss Rigging

Truss Electronic Truss Hoists are installed with the Stage Trussing Systems for the stage lighting during performance. More details for chain hoists available by ITSCtruss.

aluminium truss beam buy

Buy 16 Inch Aluminium Black Lighting Box Truss Beam for Events

This 16x16 Inch BlacK Box Truss is develop from the standard ITSC-CS39 for LED lighting truss rigging. It is high quality powder coated black without any pealing. 

20 box truss bolted copper black aluminum

8m Custom Black Box Lighting Stage Truss Flat Roof

This Black Mobile DJ Truss System is custom by our Singapore clients for indoor dj events use.

stage lighting truss for sale craigslist

40m Lighting Truss Frame Flat Roof for Car Sale

This Indoor Lighting Truss Flat Roof is set up with 40x20m indoor for car display shows exhbition by ITSctruss. 

box lighting truss for sale sydney

600x760mm Heavy Duty Plated Bolted Box Lighting Truss Bar for Theatre

This Heavy Duty 600x760mm Box Plated Lighting Truss is widely used for big events with 24m span. 

stage roof circle shaped

4mH Aluminium Curved Truss Stage Tunnel Roof in Park

This Tunnel Curved Stage Roof is Designed with ITSC-BS30 Bolt trusses in 3m W x 4m H specially for decoration in public parks.

8u rack flight case

8U gator mixer Shockmount Rack Flight Case for sale

ITSCtruss offers a wide range of Wood Rack Cases for shows at factory price.

12u rack flight case

12U Audio Shockmount Rack Flight Case on Wheels

This 12U Rack with Casters is portable and  rolling . It is featured with quick release hinges removable lids both ends and recessed chrom butterfly catches.

global ladder truss ground support system

10 In Aluminum GlobalLadder Bolted Lighting Truss Bar

Aluminum Single I ladder Beam Truss 50 x 250mm for sale: Thisi Ladder Beam Trussis made from aluminum alloy and it is most Lightweight asi beam.  With conical couple system it is very easy to install. It can be assembled in vertical or horizontal position . It can be straight, curved and circular and usually adapted for truss to truss connection.  Features: Quick and easy to install Modular and versatile for roof reinforcement and hire Powder coating or anodizing to be any color on request Free design by us Lightweight for ladder framing between trusses or ending truss ladder construction Specification: Item I Ladder beam truss Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6 / 6082-T 6 Types Ladder  Dimension 50x250mm  Main tubes 50 x 3 mm Braces 50 x 2 mm Connection type Conical couple system Length and Weight: Length Weight 50 cm 1.6 kg 100 cm 3.1  kg 150 cm 4.85 kg 200 cm 5.6 kg 250 cm  6.5 kg 300 cm  9.3 kg Other length can be custom on request. Application: ThisI Beam Ladder  is without any diagonal bracing and with rigid joints both on the top and bottom main tubes. It is designed to create matrix frames for some special circumstances, such as the Studio installation, Shopping mall ceiling decoration, connecting trusses between roof systems,ect.

global truss stage roof

32x28ft Outdoor Stage Roof Cover Triangular Rooftop

This Triangular Stage Roof Systems with 290mm and 390mm Box Truss as main rigging is developed from 32'x28' flat stage roof in Hamas. 

where to buy curved roof truss

8x6m Aluminium Curved Rigging Stage Roof Truss Arch

This Truss Arch Concept is specially designed for outdoor performance shows in parks, sports sites, playground for outdoor entertainments. 

Arc Truss Structure

32 FT Architecture Curved Roof Truss System with PVC

Arc Truss Roof is usuall combined with PVC as cover and Modular Moibile Stages Decks to be ballast sytem in performance events.

Folding stage steps

Folding Stage Stairs with for 0.4-0.6 m H Folding Stage Decks

This Folding Stage Stair is special designed and produced for the Portable Folding Stage Decks. It can be custom to be with 2-4 steps for different height of the stage decks. 

lifting slings

Polyester Endless round lifting fibre sling Straps

The Lifting Fibre Sling Strap is round and endless for lifting the ground support towers beams in Truss Sytems.

stage roof truss online quote

Supply Stage Roof Truss Overhang Equipment Online

Searching for Heavy Duty Stage Roof Truss Kits? Profesional China Supplier ITSCtruss will offer you the high quality stage rooftops.

Stage platform

1m x 1m Quick lock Aluminum portable Modular stage

This Quick Lock Portable Stage is quick and easy to install for Europe Markets with compactive volume.

lightweight portable choral risers

6m W 3 Tiers Portable Stage Risers with guardrails for Choirs

This Portable Riser Kit is custom with the 1x2m quick lock stage platforms to be 2mx0.5m/deck for portable risers which is lightweight but stronge.

Lightweight 4x4 folding portable stage

2x2m Rolling Lightweright Portable stage System Table

This Rolling Stage System is customed with quick lock stage deck 1x1m with rolling wheels for easy move for drum risers.

aluminium lighting box truss angle corner

12 Degrees Box Truss Angle Connector for 290x290mm

This 12 degree box truss angle corner is specialy designed for unique decoration truss structures.

staging platforms and risers

4 tiers Aluminum Portable Band Drum Stage Riser

This aluminum choral risers is top grade one for stage right choral risers with its aluminum topping.

hoist sales

2T manual chain hoist

Manual Chain Hoist is 2 ton capacity with 26 ft chain free.  and it is handled with manual only. It is used to lift Truss Rigging for performance events. Other capacity and chain length can be custom on request.

circular truss stand for moving head

8m Dia Global Circular Truss Roof Stand Kit System Frame

Circular TRuss Stand Kit System featured with double circular trusses and the pillars trusses to form a tower shape shed for moving head lighting. 

cuved box truss corner

2 Way Curved Square Truss Corner 90 degrees

2 Way Curved Square Corner 90 degrees for ITSC-CS29 is much helpful to install the Architecture Truss Rigging Structure in wedding parties.

mount handle spring loaded bail work

Recessed Spring Loaded Pull Handle Holder Kit

This Recessed Spring Loaded Handles are widely used for flight cases. 

arc box truss aluminum

290mm Aluminum Box Curved Truss Spigot for sale

This Aluminium Alloy Curved Box Truss is based on the ITSC-CS29 box truss to be curved for other architecture truss systems or circular box trusses.

graphical round stage platform rental

Graphical Metal Portable Round Wedding Stage Platform

This Portable Round Stage Area is specialy custom with ITSC-S15-2 portable stage, it is easy to fold the support frames by ITSCtruss and easy to store and transport.

used stage platforms for sale

Aluminium Band Performance mobile Stage System for Sale

This Stage Deck System for Sale is widely used for band, concert, kids, school, churches, DJ,ect.

truss dolly bars

Global Stage Truss Dolly Hardward Equipment for Sale

This Truss Dolly Kit is DIY and specially designed for box trusses segments for easy transportation and moving. 

Quick release truss clamp

Aluminium lighting truss clamp for 50mm Tube

The Truss Clamp is made in aluminum for Lighting Truss Systems and it is quick to rease.

gator 4u rolling rack case

4U Deep Black Shockmount Rack Flight Case

Best 4U Showmount Rack Case with 19in wide for roadshows, music, bands, cables,studios, dj, clubs,ect, made in China.

circular truss night light

4m Dia Aluminium Box Truss Circular For Sale

This Box Truss Circular Aluminium is custom to be 4m dia with ITSC-CS29 square box truss.

collapsible truss equipment

Collapsible Folding Truss 580 x950mm Equipment China

This Global Collapsible Truss for Lights is heavy duty 580x950mm customized on request. It is functioning as high loading capacity UDL 54kg and CPL 1417kg at 24m span.

ring truss uk

Heavy Duty Circular Round Truss for sale for concert stages

This Aluminium  Alloy Round Stage Truss is widely used for wedding, parties, concerts, road shows,ect. 

revolving stage marriage price

1.5m Dia 1m H Hydraulic Light Revolving Wedding Stage

This Hydraulic Revolving Stage is featured with revolving characteristics for marriage parties or performer for shows.

portable stage quick release platform

1x2m Portable Stage Quicklock Release Platform Outdoor

This Quick Lock Staging is featuring with the square hollow tubes as legs and height adjustable from 40cm-200cm on request.

stage on wheels rent

2x2 Portable Quick Lock Stage Sysem on wheels for rent

This Rolling Stage Kit is DIY custom for drum risers. It is mini size at 2x2m only.

aluminum stage platform

1x1 Portable Stage Platform for outdoor Church Enetertainment

This Quick Stage is featured with quick and easy installation and dismantle, but height is not adjustable.

stage 4x4

4x4ft Aluminium Acrylic Portable Modular Stage

Acrylic Stage is constructed with the aluminium frame supported. It can be transparent for stage light. Due to its heavy acrylic decking, it is customed to be within 4x4ft decks. It is commonely used in wedding, car shows, fashion shows, dancing,ect.

Portable concert stages for sale

Custom Outdoor Concert Stage System with backdrops

This Concert Stage System is cutom with 2 Half Semi Circle Stage Decks and other 1.22x2.44m aluminium assemble stage and lighting truss backdrops.  

outdoor stage roof for sale

5m Stage Triangular Roof Trusses For Sound System

Mini Truss System for stage roof in small concerts. 

box truss setup

16m Box Truss Stage Triangular Roof for Line Array

This Box Truss System is equipped with a Customized Portable Curved Stage in front for music shows in Malaysia.

truss beam

40 foot Aluminum event flat roof beam Truss Systems

This Flat Roof aluminum Beam Truss System is 40x40 ft span with 2 Square Truss Beams in the middle of the flat roof to hang more stage lighting to strengthen the actors during performance. Best choice for music, bands, events, performance,ect.

single tube truss

36In Lighting Truss Tube Pole With Dual Clamps for Lighting

This Aluminium Truss Tube is easy to connect the 290x290mm box trusses for simplily hanging moving head lighting.

lighting road case rack

Lighting Road Case Trunk Wholesale for 2 x ECO

This Meta Flight Case is specially custom for 2px moving heads YPOC700 ECO for event stages.

straight truss

390mm Portable Straight Quality Spigot flat Ladder Truss

50 x 390mm Spigot Ladder Truss is portable straight i truss with spigot connection at factory price. Its CPL 510 kg and UDL 16kg/m at 6m span.

flat truss structure system

18M Graphical Truss Light Flat Stage Roof Structure

This tube truss structure is heavy duty assemly for outdoor big events by ITSCtruss company. 

indoor stage for sale

Modular Mobile indoor Kids Stage Decks System for Sale

This Steell Ringlock Stage Decks System is hotsale for school kids for indoor festival events. 

heavy duty ball corner offset lid

Heavy Duty Flight Case Ball Corner Offset Lid Hardware

This Ball Corner Offset Lid Projector is widly used for all kinds of flight cases.

Black truss

290 Spigot Square Black Truss

290mm Black Truss is powder coated and portable for versatile appplication and a lot of black trusses in stock for immediate delivery.

buy stage Lighting truss

Buy Cheaper Price Luxury Portable Glass Round Wedding Single Layer Stages with Runway

Buy a Cheap Price luxury Wedding Runway Stage System for event planning? This Portable Glass Stage System must be your choice!

flight case hybrid lid extrusion

Buy Cheap Flight Case Aluminium Hybrid Lid Location Fittings

This Metal Hybrid Lid Extrution is widely used for all kinds of flight cases. 

stage and platform form sale

Buy DIY Modular Round Stage Area for Fashion shows

This Round Stage for Sale is constructed with 1x1m quick lock stage decks and with a round shape catwalk which is widely use for fashtion shows.

truss tower system

Cheap Aluminium Lighting Box Truss Stage Roof Tower Package

This Box Truss lifting Tower is widely used for stage roof setup, expecially for outdoor events. 

black truss corner

3 Way 90 Degree Square Black Truss Corner

Black Truss Corners are custom on request according to different A rchitecture Black Truss Structureswith great strength to weight ration. 

round stage outdoor platform for sale

2m dia Portable Quicklock Round Stage Platform for sale

This Portable Round Stage Platform is mini size for small band shows or dj events.

revolving stage lift round metal

1.2m Dia Outdoor Mobile Round Revolving Stage Lift Equipment for sale

This Outdoor Revolving Stage Lift is mobile for stage equipment for performance. It can be lifting and revolving at the same time.

Curved Truss Lighting System

12M Curved Roof Truss Lighting System for Outdoor Concerts

This Curved Lighting Truss System Roof is configurated  specially outdoor references for government or companies.

wedding truss equipment for sale

25ft Dia Circular Wedding Truss Stage Roof Equipment

This Wedding Truss Equipment is cutom with 25ft dia circular truss as roof for outdoor and indoor wedding decoration

Global truss ground support

5m Dia Circular Flat Roof Stage Truss Structure

Circular Truss Flat Roofground support setup with Round Stage Systemsfor outdoo dj events. 

China truss

300mm China Aluminum Long Multi Silver Bolt Triangular Shape Truss

This Aluminium Triangular Shape Truss is with bolt plate connection, and it is cheaper compared with spigot trusses; Its CLP is 220kg and UDL, 45kg at 10 m span; Usually applied in speakers, concert, event, theatre, audio, exhibition, tv , wedding, party, banner, led bar, music, backdrop, and truss roof constructution.

mini corner stage

Portable Custom DIY Small Corner Stage System

This Portable Corncer Stage System is widely used for indoor church events. 

portable truss system stage

Medium duty folding truss 400x600mm outdoor

Spigoted Folding Truss saves much transport space but owns equivlent loading capacity to the same dimension of Truss Box. It is perfect solution for touring events.

outdoor portable stage

16ft Acrylic Round Stage for Wedding

This Acrylic Round Stage for marriage can be customized to be any diameter of the round stages or half round stages for wedding or car shows.

corner truss

4 Way Square Truss Corner Sided Cross

Cheap Price Corner to connect the beams for the Roof Trusses.

1210 flight case

12U 19 Inch DIY Effects Mixer Rack Mount Flight Case

12U Amplifier Flight Case with casters for musical instruments devices.

spigot connection truss

20 Inch Global Lighting Duty Box Truss Frame For Sale

This 20" x 20" Box Truss Lighting is heavy duty and specially designed for supper big stage truss roof. 

glass round stage for wedding

12ft Portale glass performance round stage structure

Glass Round Stage Platform for outdoor shows, wedding, theatre, tv, ect.

vertical truss

Alumimum Vertical Single Ladder Circular Truss

Aluminum Ladder Circular Truss is 290mm ladder truss circle for ceiling truss systems, expo, theatre, led, ect. It is lightweight and durable, OEM and ODM acceptable.

10u rack case quantity

10U Gator Shockmount Rack Case

Buy Shockmount Rack Case 10U onliine from ITSCtruss for shows and music.

studio equipment rack

18U Cheap Studio Flyer Rack Case Equipment for Sale

This Custom Wood Studio Rack is simple and cheap for indoor studio just to keep equipment in order.

Luxury Round stage wedding

Luxury Portable Glass Round Wedding Double Layer Stages with T Shape Stage

Luxury Glass Round Stage can be customed with the square stages to form wedding stages platform sytems for your marriage.

truss quick grid box

3 X Rapid U Grid Trio Package for Stage Lighting

Buy Box Truss Modular Quick Grid for DJ lighting events, and come to ITSCtruss for compactive price with height quality. 

aluminium extrusion angle buy

Aluminium Flight Case Double Corner Angle Extrusion System Kit

This Aluminium  Angle Extrusion is featured with double angles for specially custom flight cases. 

dj turntable flight case

DJ Cheap Hard Speaker CD Flight Case Kit

Buy DJ Vinyl Case from top brands ITSCtruss factory located in China, innovative designs, and heigh quality on request.

aluminum truss tubes cheap

Buy Aluminium Truss Tubes for Stage Roof Structure Safety Support

This Aluminium Truss Tube Beam is specially designed and produced with single clamps at the two ends of aluminium tubes to support the stage truss roof for safety support.

utility truss equipment for sale

10 Inch Utility Lighting Box Truss Equipment For Sale

This 10inch Utility Truss Box is hotsale for DJ lighting Truss System, due to its lightweight and portable characteristics.

box truss beam arch and suspension bridges

290mm Aluminium lightweight Curved Truss for DJ

This Aluminium Pipe Curved Truss is developed from ITSC-CS29 Box Truss with Curved shape for truss circles parts or roof.

dj lighting truss indoor

Lightweight DJ Triangle Circular Lighting Truss Kit Indoor

Aluminium Lightweight Ciruclar Lighting DJ Truss for sale by TISCtruss at cheap price!

stage on wheels for sale

1x2m Aluminium Portable Quick Lock Stage on wheels

This 1x2m Stage On Wheels is developed from 1x2m quick lock stage decks by ITSCtruss for easy move.

portable hydraulic scissor car lift

1.2x2x3mH Portable Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Platform For Sale

This Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table is widely used for car lift, stage lift, and actors lift.

circular lighting truss diameter

6M Dia DI Circular Lighting Box Truss dj Backdrop

Circular Truss and Curved Truss are usually base on the standard linear truss segments by ITSCtruss. Any diameter of the circular trusses can be custom.

6u rack mount case

6U Outdoor Audio Shockmount Rack Flight Case for sale

This 6U Rack Road Case is made of aluminum frame and impact plwood, 19" deep, locking with latches.

Truss rigging

Pre Rig Truss with wheels to pre rigged lighting fixtures for venues

Pre Rig Truss allows lighting fixtures to be Pre-Rigged insde the trusses before arriving the venues so that you can reduce trucking space and ensure faster and more efficient lighting set up. 

aluminum alloy truss book corner

Adjustable Variety Angles Truss Book Corner Hinge Block

Looking for Variety Angles to install the Truss Rigging? This Book Corner Hinges can be installed any angles you need. 

accessories ball corner

Flight Case Ball Corner Lock Mounting System Latch Equipment

This corner for flight case is widely used for all kinds of cases.

round truss kit

Apex Out Triangle Round Lighting Truss

ThisTriangle Round Truss is customized to be apex out. It is featuring fool proof assembly, and lightweight, and durable for moving head lighting, ceiling, exhibit, concert,ect.

dj lighting truss outdoor

15ft DJ Removal Singapore Lighting Box Truss Roof System

This DJ Lighting Box Truss Flat Roof is featured with smaller size for indoor use as stage lighting or products display. 

grid box truss buy aluminium

Buy 520mm Aluminium Grid Box Truss Beam Bridge Block

Buy 520mm Grid Box Truss Column from ITSCtruss at only Fabrica Price! 

 truss for lights bolt

30M Temporary Truss Column Beam Flat Roof for Lights

This outdoor trus for lights is diy and portable for temporary evnts needs for massive people gathering. 

portable fold up stage

4x8ft Collapsible MovablePortable Concert Stage for Sale

This 4x8' Portable Stage is heavy duty and movable for concerts. It is heavy duty but equiped with wheels for easy move.

light duty box truss

200mm Metal Light Duty DJ Small Square Box Truss Price

200mm Box Truss features light duty, small and portable as DJ equipment.

china circular truss for sale

Circular Round Truss System Equipment for LED Screen

Buy the Graphical Round Truss Revit for weddings,Parties, and other big concerts from ITSCtruss company.

curved aluminum truss

6m DIY Metal Curved Ceiling Lighting Truss Beams Roof

This Curved Light Trusses is custom by ITSCtruss for Spain Market, with main rigging 400x400mm box truss.

fold away stage

4 x 8 ft Portable Steel Folding stage

This Portable Folding Stage is configurated with galvanized steel at 4x8ft dimensions, and it is commonly used in hotels, small or medium size  roadshows, references. media broadcasting, catwalk shows, advertising,ect.

tunnel truss equipment for sale

20x70M Aluminium Tunnel Truss Framing Craigslist Roof

This Concert Truss Tunnel Roof is specially designed for outdoor mobile concerts by ITSCtruss. 

 Guitar  rack Pedal Board Case

Medium Muscal Instrument Guitar effects pedalboard flight case

Guitar Pedbalboard Flight Case is custom for touring guitar shows.

curved truss bridge

290mm Aluminium Black Curved Box Truss Beam for Sale

This Curved Box Truss is developed from ITSC-CS29 specially for pengertian curved truss system or roof.

aluminum stage truss for sale

Aluminum Collapsible Folding Light Truss 580 x1010mm

This Easy Folding Lighting Rig Truss is modular and portable and heavy duty load capacity. It can be easily transported when folded, and high loading as Lighting Truss Rig. It is catoring for best and biggest concert stages. 

arch roof truss elements

Buy 390mm DJ Arched Box Lighting Truss Equuipment Kit For Sale

This Arched Chord Truss is constructed with ITSC-CS39 spigot box trusssegment. It is widely used for arched roof trusses  and big ciruclar trusses.

entertainment truss for sale craigslist

400mm Entertainment Budget Black Box Truss Kit 10ft

This 400x400mm Black Box Truss is specially for entertainment installation for lighting rigging.

global ladder truss lighting bar

240mm China global ladder truss hadware elecment for sale

This Global Ladder Truss Hardware is special custom on request for the lighting truss roof or special truss ground support .

graphical stage roof sale

15m Graphical Stage Roof System Show Cast for Sale

This Metal Material Graphical Stage Roof Kit is produced by TISCtrus. And many other mobile stage roof systems are also instock by us!

portable round stage platform for sale

64ft Portable Modular Round Stage Deck Equipment

This Module Portable Round Stage is custom -made with 64 ft dia for big concert evens. 

Stage lighting truss for sale

10M Heavy Duty Aluminium Stage Truss Rigging Triangular Roof

This Stage Truss Rigging with Triangular roof structure is featuring its heavy duty loading with big trusses 520X760mm as beams.

craigslist lighting truss for sale

60ft Lighting Truss Rigging Outdoor Stage Roof

This 60x30ft Box Lighting Truss Stage Flat Roof is hotsale in India market for outdoor stage covers. 

temporary stage roof truss system

32ft Temporary Stage Roof Canopy Truss Cover Systems

This Stage Roof Truss Canopy is a temporary mobile structure to cover a portable stage system and haning numbers of stage lighting fixtures, PA, LED screens, ect.

Global Truss pitch roof

7M Stage Lighting Truss System Pitch Roof Structure

This Small Stage Lighting Truss System Triangular Pitched Roof Structure is widely used for outdoor TV, vishual or band shows. 

concert stages for sale

DIY Concert Stage System with 4x4ft Aluminium stages Platforms

The whole Concert Stage Systems can be installed just with our common 4x4ft aluminium stage platform systems. It is just DIY installation without any tools.

mobile platform stage device

Custom Mobile Potable Stage Platform Deck Flooring

This Custom Black Stage Deck is specially designed with 1x1m quick lock stage to arc shape in the front for theatre events.

revolving stage lift platform for sale

1.5m DIY Module Round Revolving Stage Lift Platform System

This Round Revolving Stage lift Platform is custom with 1.5m dia and 3m height adjustable for performance in stage concerts.

40 foot trusses for sale

40 foot Flat Roof Trusses kits with lights

ITSC truss supplies good quality Flat Roof Truss Kits with 40 foot horizontal beam span.

ball box corner

China Stackable Ball Corner Offset Panel

This Aluminum Ball Corner Offset is widely used for all the road shows flight caseses. 

truss rigging hardware

ITSCtruss Sleeve Block for 400x600mm Bolt Truss

This Aluminium Sleeve Block is specially design for 400x600mm bolt truss beam for Aluminium structural truss system in architectural forms. 

folding stage for sale

4x8 Aluminium Portable Folding Mobile Stage Deck Platform on wheels for sale

This Alumiium Folding Stage Platform is configurated with aluminium-alloy at 4x8ft dimensions, and it is commonly used in hotels, small or medium size roadshows, references. media broadcasting, catwalk shows, advertising, drum risers, ect.

front of stage barrier and back

Buy Front of Stage Barrier Crowd Angle Corner for Sale

This Front of Stage Barrier Angle Corner is a complement for the concert stage walls when there is any angles corners to control the crowd in front of a concert stage.

truss 40 x 40

40 x 40 Outdoor Speaker Flat Roof Trusses system

Outdoor Speaker Flat Roof Trusses system is 40 x 40 ft in span with soundwing goalpost truss towers to hang the Line Array Speaker System for outdoor events for school, wedding, parties, band, music, performance,ect. 

mobile lighting truss corner block

3 Way Square Truss Corner

3 Way Square Truss Corner is sided connection in 3 directions for  ITSC-C39. It is seldom applied in Truss Rigging.

Truss systems book corner

Box Truss Book Corner Hinge for Various Angles

Univeral angles available for truss displays; Aluiminum plates offering lightweight but strong capacity.

top support rectangular truss

680x1010mm Heavy Duty Spigot Rectangular Truss Beam

Rectangular Lighting Truss is heavy duty  with strong loading capacity UDL91kg and CPL 1358kg at more than 30 m span. It is adapted forBig Concerts,Theaters, Expos. Rental,ect.

Round Stage platform

32ft Dia Round Stage with Aluminum Portable Stage Kit 4x4ft

This Rouning Stage System is configurated from the 4x4ft aluminium portable stage, lightweight and easy to setup for wedding.

14u rack case qatar price

14U Audio Space Shockmount Flight Rack Case

Buy 14U Rack Case Price from ITSCtruss today, All standard 19" flight rack cases are offered at grreat prices with big savings.

black stage truss corner

Black box truss corner cube for 12 x12 inch bolt Truss

This Black Truss Cube is specially designed for 12x12" black box truss for indoor events. 

revolving stage lift set quantity

1.6m Dia Manual Cheap Revolving stage lift st kit for sale

High quality Revolving Stage Lit Set Kit by ITSCtruss is sell at factory price without any dealer price!

entertainment truss upper

520mm Black Entertainment Box Truss Upper for Shed

Purchase Black Box Truss 520x520mm from ITSCtruss company for big more than 12m Hight heavy duty concert stage structures.

box truss beam manufacturers

8 Inch Light Duty Box Truss Beam Block for Decoration

8"X 8" Grid Box Truss Alloy is specially configurated for the lightweight duty dj truss kits in entertainment events.

box truss roof cost

20m D Aluminium Circular Stage Roof Truss Flat Online

Buy Truss Rigging from ITSCtruss who usually designed and offers different lighting truss systems for free. 

60 ft trusses for sale

60 foot Cheap Price Aluminum heavy flat roof stage truss

60 x 40 foot box stage truss system is commonly used in India Market. and ITSC truss is offering this Aluminum Flat Roof Stage Truss to castor for the requirement. Its Truss Beam is 520 x 520mm and masts are 400x400mm. Spigot connection, so easy to install.

aluminum case angle extrusion buy

Buy Aluminium Case Angle Hybrid Lid Extrusion Kit Online

This Aluminium Flight Case Angle Extrusion is widely used for all kinds of flight cases. 

portable hydraulic scissor lift loading dock

1x1.5x4mH DIY Portable hydraulic scissor lift lighweight loadking dock

This Portable Hydraulic Scissor Lift Kit is featured with lighweight characteristics as a table platform for stage systems.

slick truss thailand price

Slick Folding Maxi BeamTruss 600 x1010mm for sale

This Slick Systems Truss is hot for sale by ITSCtruss who has been Box Truss Supplier from China for more than 10 years!

Bolt truss corner

Lightweight Bolt Truss Box Corner

The 300 X 300 mm Square Bolt Truss Box Corner is with 6 way connection for 90 degrees trusses angles for grid configuration.

where to buy wedding truss

18x9m Lighting Box Truss Triangular Pyramid Stage Roof

This 18m Concert Truss is heavy duty and specially designed for outdoor concerts in Gyms and is  usually equipped with seating systems for audience.

arc box truss buy

Box Truss Circular Beam Roof for Indoor Studio

This Box Truss Circular Roof Spigoted is custom-made with ITSC-CS29 Box Truss and Circular truss ITSC-CS29R4M with corner blocks.

trusses structure system

16M Modular Flat Truss Stage Sysem Roof Support

This Stage Truss Structure is modular and mobile for any outdoor and indoor concert stage events shows.

stage lighting cases companies

LED Stage Spot Lighting Case Kit Equipment Hardward for Sale

This Stage Lighting Case Rack is specially custom for sport lighting for event stages.

Plate base

Aluminium Square Base Plate for truss

Aluminum Square Truss Base Plate is specially combined with the trusses systems as basement for indoor events.

12u top rack case

12U Portable Production Road Mixer Case with Drawers

12U Safe Broadcast Flight Road Case with Drawers: This DJ Road Case is safe and universal for road shows. Feature: black, 10 mm Multiplex Butterfly fasteners Ball corner arrangable rack-rail 2 removable covers front + rear 1 service cover rear 4 handles 4 100mm wheels weight 26,5 kg  

lighting road case rack

Lighting Road Case Hardware Wholesale for 2 x YPOC700

This Lighting Road Case Music is specially custom for 2px moving heads YPOC700 for event stages.

quad truss

290 Spigot Stfef Metal Square Box Truss Ladder

290 Square Truss Ladder is featured with side tubes as Ladder Frame offering heavier vertical  capacity as stage lighting beam; Its CPL350 kg and UDL 70 kg at 10m span. It is customized to be used in bigger concerts, events and theatre for moving heads hanging.

Grid Box Truss Black

12x12 Aluminium Global Grid Black Box Truss Kit for Sale

12x12 Aluminium Grid Box Truss Bolted Cheap Price  from ITSCtruss Factory: This 12 Inch Black Box Truss Kit is Light-Duty segment with main-tube 50 x 3 mm, sub-main tube 30 x 2 mm,  bracing 25 x 2 mm. Its Centre Point Load Capacity is 550kg at 10m span. And it offers an optimum lifting capacity and indicates the practical versatile in all kinds Ground Support Truss Systems for concerts, exhibitions, tents, events, and other complex structures like displays or booths.  Features: 4- point nodding  TUV and SGS approved Free design and technology support OEM and ODM acceptable Powder coating and anodizing to any color without any peeling Specification: Item black box truss 12 in Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6 Types Square Main tubes 50 x 3 mm Sub-main tubes 30 x 2 mm Braces 25 x 2 mm Connection type Bolt  Length and Weight: Length Weight 50 cm 5.08 kg 100 cm 8.05 kg 150 cm 11.02 kg 200 cm 14 kg 250 cm  16.97 kg 300 cm 20 kg Other length can be custom on request. Application: This Black Box Truss 12 X 12 Inches is widely used for Roof, hire, decorations, car shows, exhibitions booths, churches, world cup events, ect. 

china circular truss deal

Buy 40ft Dia China Aluminium Circular Truss Stage Roof

40ft Dia Circular Truss Structures Systems for sharpy lighting and round led screen equipments by ITSCtruss China Supplier.

stage moving blocks

Aluminium Portable Moving Concert Stage Sets Price

This Mini Moving Stage is customized with 4x4 Portable Stage Platform to be special shapes on request.

cheap stage risers for sale

1m Cheap Quick Lock DIY Stage Equipment Riser Deck

This Small Stage Riser is configurated with Quick Lock Stage 1x1m Deck for drum riser.

Round stage for marriage

8ft Dia Round Stage with 4x4ft Aluminum Portable Stage Kits

This Small Portable Round Stage is developed from 4x4 Portable stage decks with aluminium alloy 6061-T6 for school, wedding, indoor and outdoor events and car display.

aluminum ladder truss gantry

200mm Aluminium Alloy Ladder Truss Bar Frame For Sale

This Aluminum Alloy Ladder Truss for sale is specially custom with 30x200m dimension as mini ladder truss for small events. 

aluminum single angle extrusion equipment

Buy Aluminium Single Angle Extrusion Kit Cover

This Single Corner Extrusion Kit is widely used for the flight cases racks.

ladder beam truss manufacturers

350mm Ladder Beam Trusses Bracing Equipment Framing Kit for Sale

This Ladder Truss Kit is custom to be 50x350mm size for special truss roof support or mobile band goalpost for lightweight lighting hanging.

Black steel truss

200mm Aluminum Black Powder Coated Square Box Truss

This 200mm Black Box Truss with steel bolc nuts connection features small compactive shape and portable with black powder coated skill for special events on request.

stage canopy for sale

30ft Outdoor Portable Canopy Stage Roof for Wedding

Outdoor Stage Canopy is good solutions for wedding, parties, festivals, bands and concerts.

stage rigging professional

10m Stage Lighting Box Truss Dome Roof Structure Stage Rigging

This Box Truss Stage Rigging Dome Roof is customized with heavy duty load for live concerts and equiped with Semic Circle Portabe Stage Decks in front. 

Triangle Lighting Truss

290mm Aluminum Lightweight Tri Triangular Lighting Truss Column

290 Aluminum Lightweight Triangular Lighting Truss is lightweight but strong. and its CPL is 160 kg and UDL, 30kg Triangular Lighting Truss is popular in DJ, roof, round truss, gantry, truss arch system, music, band, led, podium, table, stand, indoor and outdoor decoration, ect.

cheap truss manufacturer

4M Indoor Cheap Truss Flat Roof Equipment

China Cheap Stage Trussing Equipment Roof For Sale: This Cheap Stage Trussing is constructed with ITSC-CS29 box trussing by ITSCtruss with 6 way corners only which is cheaper then the lifting tower ground supports.  Features: Cheaper price comparied with other truss structrures with lifting towers Conical coupler connectoin offers quick and easy installation Saving space for indoor events. Specificatoin: Item 4m China indoor cheap truss flat roof Main rigging ITSC-CS29 box truss Selfweight 420kg Transportation volume 9m3 Capacity 5892kg Max windspeed 28.3m/s

Small outoor stage

Small outdoor stage system with stair

Small  Portable Stage Systems are widely applied  for outdoor venues for event planners. It is portable, easy to assemble and dismantle and waterproof.

16 box truss beam

16 Inch Bolted Lighting Box Truss Beam Online For Sale

This 16 Box Truss Column is featuring with bolted connection and cheaper price compared with the conical coupler spigot trusses.

Pre Rigging Rectangular Truss

Customized Pre-Riged Bolt RectangularTruss with Wheels

Supplied with a termed a Pre-Rigged Truss and it can be delivered with a set of wheels to facilitate handling and transportation.

cheap roof trusses

6 m Aluminum cheap flat roof Trusses sysems

6 x 6 m Flat Roof Truss System is Cheap for rental for your band music. It is easy truss and quick to install without towers. Commonly used in Africa market.

 global  graphical stage roof truss

45ft Global Graphical Stage Roof Cover Truss Kit For Sale

This Graphical Stae Roof Structure is featured with sided small rooftops on two sides for show workers as platforms. 

grid box truss metal

6 Inch Aluminum Light Duty Mini Lighting Box Truss Bat

6x6 Inch Light duty truss is mini in shape and widely used in display booths, DJs, ect.

4x4 stage for sale

4x4 Rolling Portable Stage Platform System with stairs

This 4x4m Movable Rolling Stage Platform System is featured with wheels and equiped with stairs for drum risers, and heighth is adjustable.

black truss box corner

6 Way Black Truss Box Corner

Black Truss Box Corner is one of the extention components for black trusses series to heightlight the whole truss systems.

lightweight truss

300mm Portico lightweight duty Bolt Square Box Truss cheap

30 Light Duty Square Trusses cheap with bolt connection, It is lightweight duty with UPL 450kg and UDL 70kg / m at 12m span; Commonly used for meidum LED screen, sound speakers, display booth, studio, outdoo, wedding, party, hotel, stage system, performance, tv, decoratio and stage lighting.

circular truss stand light

3m Dia Circuclar Truss Stage Roof Stand Booth for sale

Circular Truss Stage Roof Stand Booth fabricated by ITSCtruss for entertainment, displays, parties, music, ect. 

Half Conical Connector with M8 Thread for 290mm truss

Lighting Truss Half Connector for Global Box Truss

Aluminium Global Lighting Box Truss Half Connector: This Truss Half Connector is half of the conical coupler connector, and widely used to connect the trusses, box corners,ect. 

stage roof truss cost

6m Temporary Tunnel Stage Roof For Festival Events

This Tunnel Roof Truss System is featuring setup on the mobile stage structure for the temporary out door events for festival.

gator dj case

Cheap Multiple DJ Equipment Flight Rack Case Table

This DJ Case Stand is custom with tale and latop support with wheels at factory price by ITSCtruss locatedd in China.

Wedding round stage

24ft Dia Round Stage with 4x8ft Aluminum Portable Stage System

This Small Round Stage System is constructed with the standard 4x8ft aluminium stage system and it is specially designed  for outdoor wedding events. 

event stage for sale festival

11M Event Stage Platform Entertainmentfor Sale

This Event Stage Equipment is hotsale for entertainment field by China ITSCtruss company located in Guangzhou. 

truss systems in architectural forms

34ft Curved Box Truss Stage Rooftop Beam Block Linear

This Curved Stage Roof is widely used in USA and Trinidad and Tobago for wedding events. 

typical roof pitch

12m Global Lighting Truss Stage Pitched Triangular Roof Structure

12m Global Lighting Truss  Stage Pitched Roof is the most popular for medium size of the lighting truss structure around the world.

aluminium ladder beam

290mm Aluminium Beam Ladder Scaffolding Lighting Truss for Sale

This Beam Ladder Scaffolding Truss is featuring with aluminium-alloy rather than the heavy steel which is usually applied as scaffolding for lighting in event stages.

graphical round stage fashion show

6M Graphical Portable Outoor Round Stage Platform Set

Portable Graphical Round Stage hotsale for marriages, shows, performance, dj, drum,concerts, theatre, music, ect. 

aluminium truss for sale manufacturing companies

40ft Aluminium Lighting Truss Stage Gable Roof for sale

This Aluminium Truss Roof is hot for sale around the world for mobile events stages by ITSCtruss company. 

Outdoor stage

52 Foot cheap price Triangular Roof Trusses Lightweight

This Triangular Roof Truss Cheap in price by ITSCtruss is specially designed for the temporary outdoor events with lightweight roof shelter.

revolving stage lift theatre manual

1.5m Manual Stage Equipoment revolving stage lift kit

This Revolving Stage Lift Theatre Kit is custom for stage equipment to lift and revolving the whole platform for performaners.

Box truss banner block

200x200mm Box Square Bolt Truss Banner Corner Block

This 6 Way Box Truss Corner is custom for 200x200mm box bolt truss by ITSCtruss which is cheap at price for dj events.

Truss swivel clamp

Truss Swivel Clamp for 50mm Tube

Swivel Clamp for Truss is made in aluminum alloy for connection of the 50mm  tubes. It is commonly used to connect the Aluminum Truss Segments for the roof systems.

in the round stage drama

20ft Dia Portable Outdoor Round Stage with 4X4 Stages

This Outdoor Round Stage is custom with 4x4 portable stage decks for churches.

stacking large ball corner case

Flight Case Zinc Chrome Stackable Metal Large Ball Corner Latch

Large Ball Corner Case Hardware for all kinds of stacking flight cases during the roadshows. 

circular truss installation

10m Dia Singapore Circular Lighting Truss Roof

This Circular Stage Truss Column is specialy custom made by ITSCtruss with curved trusses pillars as support for led screen bannes for indoor concert stages.

12 aluminum box truss buy

12 Inch Aluminium Square Box Truss Equipment for Sale

This Light Duty 12 Inch Lighiting Box Truss is global standard in Box Truss Systems for many performance shows scenery, such as LED display screens, lind array speakers, stage rooftop covers,ect.

aluminum ladder truss company

250mm Aluminium Cheap Ladder Truss Beam Bar for Sale

This DJ Aluminium Ladder Truss is customed with sepcial dimensions 50x250mm for special simple dj lighting setup.

10 in black truss segment

10 Inch Aluminium Metal Stage Frame Black Truss Rigging

This 10x10 Inch Powder Coated Black Truss is specially designed for entertainment lighting rigging for indoor and outdoor events. 

ring truss quality

High Quality Circular Global DJ Rig Ring Lighting Truss

This Custom Ring Truss Tower is hot for sale  for its simple and easy installation for mobile lightings both indoor and outdoor.

stage rigging theatrical equipment supplies

6m Aluminium Truss Display Booth Flat Stage Truss Roof

This 6x6m Stage and Rigging is configurated with comon Grid Box Truss Booth to show the status outdoor for India events. 

mount handle spring loaded bail kit

Surface mount handle spring loaded bail Holder Kit

This Mount Handle Spring Loaded Bail Kit is widely used for all kinds of lighting flight cases and racks. 

60 foot trusses for sale

60 foot heavy duty curved roof Stage Trusses system

60x40 ft Curved Roof Stage Truss System is configurated with 520x520mm square trusses and truss masts 390x390mm for it. The whole system is heavy duty one for your concerts events.

square bolt truss

400 Medium Duty Bolt Square Box Girder Truss Ladder

400 Medium Duty Square Bolt Truss Ladder is with sided tubes as ladder to strengthened the verticial forces as beams in box truss  systems and all styles of roof trusses it is with bolt connection. Its CPL is 450kg and UDL, 55 kg at 16m span.TUV certificate and Reasonable Factory Cheap Price.

guitar pedal board case kit

Order DIY Guitar Pedal Board hard Case for Sale

The Guitar Pedal Board is usualy equiped and moved with the rack case by ITSCtruss together for easy set up without reposistioning the instrument.

ladder truss kit goal post

220mm Global Aluminum Ladder Truss Kit Beam Bar Framing

This Small Aluminium Ladder Truss Kit is specially custom with 30x220mm dimension for lightweight lighting hanging on the wall.

aluminum ladder truss

250mm Aluminum Single I ladder Beam Truss for sale

Alumium Single i Lader Beam Truss is lightweight and mini for moving lighting.  Its CPL 80kg and UDL 40kg/m at 4m span. It is good choice for trade show exhibition booth display, disco, studio, av, projector, screen, wedding, door, entrance, tv, party, performance, ect.

Large Spring-loaded Recessed Handle

Aluminium Large Spring Loaded Recessed Grip Cabinet Handle

This Large Recessed Handle Kit Lock is specailly custom for all kinds of flight cases , rack cases, lighting cases, ect. 

triangle lighting truss trade show

400mm Portable DIY Triangular Lighitng Truss Beam Kit

This I Beam Triangle Lighting Truss is specially custom for heavy duty stage roof as support as rafters by ITSC truss manufacturer.

4 hole bracket offset

Flight Case 4 holes flat mounting bracket Kit Corner Angle

4 hole right angle bracket for all kinds of flight lighting cases by ITSCtruss.

Large aluminium Pedal Board case

Buy aluminum cheap Guitar Pedal Board Road Case craigslist runner

This Metal Guitar Pedal Board Road Case is widely used for outside touring shows with guitar and its pedals.

Folding truss china price

Global Folding truss 520x520mm China Price Spacers

Folding Truss Spacer 520x520mm is widely used in stage construction for concerts or events. It can extend to 20m span with UDL 66kg and CPL1388kg.

stage truss systems

35x24m Stage Truss Flat Roof System

This Stage Truss Flat Roof System with 35m span heavy duty trusses system is for sale for outdoor big concerts events.

circular box truss system

20m Dia Heavy duty Circular Lighting Box Truss Bolted

This 20m Dia Circular Box Truss Frame is specialy custom for indoor concert stage installation which can be equiped with special round LED screen displays.

Dome Truss Structure

12m Dia Dome Roof Trusses Structure System

12M dia Dome roof trusses Sructure is one of most hotsale in the roof systems. It features with the half dome structure shape with common lighting truss, and works as a dome tent structure, affording total flexibility in the crreative design of trussing system. 

stage angle barrier kopen

45 Degrees Stage Angle Corner Barrier Kit to buy

This Stage Angle Corner Barrier Kit is a custom  corner type to turn 45 degrees angles when needed.It is portale and lightweight for the fence corners.

truss 30

30 foot flat roof truss structure setup system

30 foot Flat Roof Truss Structurewith stage systems for moving heads; cheap truss hire;

mobile hydraulic scissor lift equipment

1x1.5x3mH diy electric mobile hydraulic scissor lift dock elevator equipment

This Mobile Hydraulic Scissor Lift Kit is portable, and specially custom for work platform table.

rack mount mixer flight case

19 Inch Cheap CD Portable Hard Mixer Flight Case

Buy Garranted and lowest price for Mixer an Amp Case from ITSCtruss located in China.

aluminium trusses for sale arched

9M Aluminum Arc box Truss bolted stage roof frame

This Arc Outdoor Box Stage Roof is custom-made with our standard ITSC-BS30 box truss and lifted with heavy duty carnk stands.

Aluminum stage risers supplier

3 Tiers Aluminum Portable Band Drum Stage Riser

A wide range of aluminum portable choir risers available for sale with wholesale price only. 

small hydraulic scissor lift work table

1m Dia 4mH Portable Small Round hydraulic scissor lift work table elevator

This DIY Lightweight Small Hydraulic Scissor Lift is custom to be round platform with 4m lifting height for portalbe mobile stages actor lift for performance.

truss pulley

Top Section for Spigot box Truss Tower

The Top Section is completely made of aluminum-alloy with wheels for Electronic Motor Hoists to setup the Box Truss Ground Support Tower Systems.

Global truss triangle

52 Foot Aluminium Stage Truss Triangular Roof Structure System

This Lighting Truss Roof System is with 52x52ft span for larger scale concerts stage projects for outdoor. It is safe and strong enough to hang line array speakers and LED screen displays. 

black box truss angle

Black Bolt Box Truss Corner for DJ equipment

This Black Truss Corner is featured with bolt connection for 6 way corners in truss structure.

corner brace with ribs cabinet

heavy duty 6 holes corner brace with strengthen ribs bit latch

This Corner Brace with Ribs Angle is specially for all kind of flight cases.

Portable stage decks

4 x 8 ft Cheap aluminum portable Modular stage

Where can I buy a stage? This 4x8 Portable Stage Platform Kit is cheap and lightweight and popular for concert, school, churches, music, band, DJ, Dramatic performance,ect.

stage equipment for sale

Buy Outdoor Movable DJ Stage Deck for Festival

Buy a Stage with main round stage and square catwalk system for dj outdoor festival catwalk  with rigging.

spigot connection truss

20 In Medium Duty Spigoted Square Lighting Box Truss

Box Trusses have a wide range of lighting trusses structures in all sizes, strengths lengths, and loading capacity.

stage lighting cases and sound

Stage LED Parcan Lighting Case 4 in 1 With Lighitng Hook Bar

This Stage Lighting Case Kit is specially custom for 4x LED stage Parcans Lighting with hook bars for easy transportaton.

custom flight case

Easy Move Safe Touring Roadrunner DJ Road case

Rackmount Flight Case online from DJ equipment

truss prices

390 Portable Spigot Lighted Square Box Truss Section

390 Lighted Square Truss Section is portable and lightweight. It is longer span than the 290, and its CPL is 450kg and UDL, 55 kg/m at 16 m span. It is spigot connection, quick and easy to install; It is welcome in medium truss roof systems setup, box truss systems, concerts, and events.

car hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers

2x3x1m Portable Car Electric Hydraulic Scissor LIft Platform Table

Electric Car Hydraulic Scissor Lift is specially custom with heavy loading capacity for car lift during maintanance.

vinyl road case

Aluminium DIY Universal Flight Road Case

Buy Universal Transportation Road Case for outdoor mobile events from ITSCtruss located in China.

Truss pipe lighting

60In Lighting Truss Tube With Dual Welded Clamps in The Middle

This Portable Truss Tube is welded with dual clamps in the middle to connect the ITSC-CS29 Box Truss Segment and hang lighting at two sides.

stage on wheels how much

1x1m DJ Mobile Tongue Lock Portable Stage With Wheel

This DJ Stage Setup is featured with the Tongue Quick Lock with wheels for easy to move for clubs.

Aluminium Modular stage guardrail

Portable Stage Handrail for 4x4ft and 4x8ft decks

Stage Handrail is a must when the stage platform height is more than 1.2m height to keep safe for a stage performance!

aluminium box truss light duty

46ft Display Aluminum Box Truss Beam outdoor Rooftop

This Aluminum Truss Frame is based on the ringlock scaffolding truss structure by ITSCtruss.manufacturer in China.

pitch of roof truss

16m Aluminum Triangular Roof lighting truss system

16m span Triangular Roof Truss is with Gable Roofand Mobile Truss System for outdoor events. Durable, and good quality with factory price only.

dj truss price in delhi

Global Circular Round Truss Price for DJ stage Lighting

Buy Round DJ lighting Truss Equipment and get the best deals from ITSCtruss company in China!

hydraulic platform lift manufacturers

1x1.5m Square electronic hydraulic lift platform equipment

This Hydraulic Lift Platform Kit is specially designed for industrial work platforms use for car and trucks, and it is also applied in our portable stage systems for concerts.

outdoor stage platform

1x2m Quicklock Aluminum Modular portable stage

This QuickLock Modular Portable Stage is easy and quick to install for temporary use in events for Europe Market. Its chacteristic is  cheap at factory price.

concert stage barrier wall gate

DIY Versatile Concert Stage Barrier Corner Wall

This Versatile Concert Stage Barrier Crowd Corner is specially custom with double hinged section without footplate and connected to the existing barrier fences.

steel stage deck

4 x 4 ft Steel Ringlock Scaffolding Portable Modular Stage

ITSC truss supplies Height Portable Modular Stages with Steel Ringlock scaffolding support 4 x 4 ft on hotsale.

Truss sound system

12m Aluminium Triangular Roof Stage Truss System

This Truss Sound System is configurated in triangular roof with Mobile Stage System and barriers for temporary events planning. It features the Line Array Sound Wing Truss Systems.

revolving theater stage concert

2m Dia 1m H DIY Hydraulic Round Revolving Theatre Stage Platform

2m Dai DIY Revolving Round Theatre Stage For Sale : High quality Revolving Round Theatre Stage for perfornace shows in concert stage events. If features only with revolving charactoristic. Features: Heavy duty loading capacity Stable lifting characteristics Custom loading, size and colour Specification: Item 1.6M Dia round platform hydraulic lift Dimention 1.6m Dia x 3mH Loading capacity 2000kg Self-height 0.45m Lifting height 0m Voltage 380v Transportation volume 1m3 Application: Loading and undoading platforms for trucks Car show displays Concert stage performance lifting systems Industrial work table platforms

Truss tower lift

4m Tripod Lighting Stand with Double T bar

Cheap price for 12 parcans setup.

fashion show runway stage for sale

Aluminium Portable Catwalk Runway Extension Stage System for Sale

This Portable Runway Stage For Sale is custom with aluminium alloy expecially for wedding events for catwalk shows.

dural steel performance stage for sale

Outdoor Mobile Portable Concert Performance Event Stage System for sale

China Performance Stage System by ITSCtruss is hotsale for its steel ringlock scaffolding support which is much strongers for outdoor concert events.

Box Truss Structure

350mm Aluminium Square Box Truss Bridge Structure for Sale

350mm Box Truss is medium duty for stage truss structures in events.

Box truss dolly cart

Dolly Cart for Lighting Truss And Aluminium Baseplates

This Dolly Cart is specially designed by ITSCtruss for storing the aluminium lighting box truss 290x290mm and the aluminium base plates. 

Tri truss roof

250mm 3M Aluminium Triangle Truss Roof Structure with Steel Pin

This 250mm Triangular Truss is customed according to special events. It is usually applied in DJ, event stage roof setup, studio rigging,ect.

stage structure for sale in south africa

7m Dia Aluminium Round Stage Roof Frame Structure

This Compression Ring Architecture is featuring with Curved Roof Trusses to shape the round trusses and lifted with 4 Ground Support Lifting Towers Systems.

medium butterfly latch aluminum link

Medium Recessed Butterfly Latch Template for Road Case

Medium Butterfly Latch Keeper is specailly custom for our flight cases items.

basss guitar flight case

Classical Dreadnought Gator Electric Guitar Flight Case for sale

This Warwick Guitar Flight Case is widely used for lightweight portable electric guitar for touring shows.

speaker crank stand for line array

6m Line Array Speaker Hand Crank Up DJ Stand

6m Heigh Crank Up Speaker Stand is with heavy duty loading capacity 230kg at best price for studio, indoor and outdoor events, mini line array column speaker systems, showtec, ect.

center stage lighting & rigging allentown pa

40ft Dia Grid Box Flat Circular Stage Roof For Lighting

Buy Lighting Truss System for your speciall Box Truss Banner Booth from ITSCtruss, and you will have good quality and service.

truss for lights on metal roof

80ft Truss for Light Rigging Outdoor Stage Roof

This Outdoor Truss For Lights are supported mainly with the galvanized steel ringlock which is stronger then the common quad truss segments.

aluminum ladder truss roof systems

280mm Global Flat Aluminium Ladder Truss Grid for Stage lighting

This Outdoor Aluminium Ladder Truss is set up overhang for stage lighting riging by ITSCtruss. It is 50x280mm in dimensions.

arc roof stage outdoor event advertising

12M Aluminum Arc Roof Stage Outdoor Kit for Sale

This Outdoor Arc Roof Stage for theatre usually equiped with portable modular stage platforms for stage lighting and performance.

truss top ring quality manufacturers

China Circular Lighting Truss Top Ring Rig Tower For DJ

This China Ring Truss isfeaturing with 2 pics of  50cm height trusses segments on the up and down sides, and the Truss Tower Ring can be connected with 2 ITSC-CS29 Trusses which is servied as tower for lighting rigs for djs. 

double angle  rack rail

19 inch DIY Double Angle Din Rack Rail Bracket for Sale

This Double Angle Rack Rail Kit can be custom to be any U for 19 inch flight cases.

aluminium truss price

28ft Aluminum Trusses Stage Roof Canopy For Sale

Adjustable Stage light Truss price in Nigeria by ITSCtruss is most reasonable and welcome!

graphical mobile stage

1x1 Graphical Quick Lock Portable Stage Flat on Wheels

This Graphical Stage with wheels is developed from 1x1m quick lock stage deck with is portable and lightweight.

stage and riser steps

Modular Outdoor Round Stage Riser Platforoms

This Outdoor Stage Risers are custom with ITSC-S15-1 Rounding  Stages Systems for bands.

Round roof barn trusses

4m Dia Lightweight Circular Flat Roof Truss Structure

This Lightweight Circular Truss Roof Structure is specially designed for outdoor venues like music band, DJ wedding parties, DJs,ect. It is based on 4m Dia Circular Truss and 4 pcs pillars as ground support.

Exhibit rectangular lighting truss

600 x 760mm Theatrical Spigot Rectangular Truss and Beams

600 X 760mm Rectangle Truss Segment is usually applied as roof truss support beams in heavy duty and large spand truss systems.

flight case strut hinge diy

Flight case Chrome Plated Strut Hinge Kit Lidfor Sale

This Quick Release Flight Case Strut Hinge is specially custom for ITSCtruss flight cases. 

Manual Chain Hoist Supplier

2 Ton Stainless Steel Manual Chain Hoist Updated for Stage Truss Rigging

This 2 Ton Stainless Steel Manual Chain Hoist is specially updated by ITSCtruss's coperation Manufacturer in China. It features   no slinding and no stuck when lifting up the sage truss rigging.

single tube truss

Aluminum Single Tube Lite Circular Truss

The Circular Truss is only made of aluminum single tube with spigot connection; lightweight and competitive price for stage lighting; Popular in DJ truss kits, night clubes studio, tv frame,ect.

scissor lift platforms

1x2x3mH Hydraulic Electric Scissor Lift Elevator Equipment

This Scissor Lift Work Table is specially for outdoor events with small size 1x2m square shape.

hybrid extrusion with gasket groove aluminum

Cheap Aluminium Hybrid extrusion with gasket groove fittings

This Cheap Hybrid Extrusion with Gasket Groove is specially custom for all kinds of flight cases.

Adjustable stage legs

Aluminium Portable Modular Stage Legs

This Portable Modular Stage Leg is for 4x4ft Aluminium Stage Platform. Its height can be adjustable from 0.6-1m, 1-1.8m, 1.5-2m, ect. Other height can be customized.

electric scissor platform

2x2m Square DIY Hydraulic Scissor Lift Elevator Platform Equipment

This Scissor Lifting Loading Platform is custom with 1.5x1.5m square mobile platforms for automatically moving for events. 

4 side truss dj

300mm Entertainment Black Stage Box 4 Side DJ Truss

Buy 300x300mm Black Box Truss for 4 side dj trussing structure from ITSCtruss and you will have the best solution for it.

12 box truss corner block

6 Way Box Truss Corner Block

6 Way Conjuction Box Cube is most popular in all kinds of Box Truss Systems Setup.

16u rack case tour

16U GatorShockmount Flight Rack Case Equipment

16U Rack Flight Case With Wheels and work platforms , easy for touring and mobile dj events for shows.

small casters dish heavy duty

buy outdoor Small metal Casters dish lid kit hardward

This Caster Dish Equipment is custom specially for flight cases racks. 

circular truss

Apex Up Triangular Circular lightingTruss

Triangle Circular Truss with apex up is configurated with 290x290mm Triangle Truss. Good reasons for your choosing it: Fool proof assembly; Lightweight construction; Cut into pieces and save space

stage systems sydney

8X16ft Stage System with 4x4 Portable Stage Deck

This Portable stage platform Modular System is constructed with the Aluminum 4x4 Stage and can hold more than 40 people on it. It is hotsale for schools and churches. 

Base plate truss

truss Steel plate base with wheels for roof truss

The Truss Towers are usually setup with this heavy duty Steel Truss Base as Ground Support to adjust the little height for the uneven floor and heavy duty capacity.

outdoor stage platform for sale

Portable Modular Outdoor Stage Equipment to Buy

This Outdoor Mobile Stage is customized with aluminum alloy from 1x2m quick lock porable stage with bracing on 4 sides, which is stronger and more durable. 

Lighting truss stands

4m Lighting Stand with Single T bar

This T Bar Lighting Stand is extended from 4m lighting stand with a 2m bar to hang 8pcs stage lighting which is cheaper than the heavy duty stand.

pitched roof trusses

16m Stage Lighting Truss System Heavy Duty Triangular Pitched Truss Roof Structure

This Stage Lighting Truss System Heavy Duty 16m span triangular Pitched Roof Truss System is typically heavy duty designed with 6 towers together for support the whole system.

Aluminium curved trusses

10x8m Aluminium Semi Circle Stage Curved Roof Truss

This Arch Stage Roof is portable and aluminium material for outdoor mobile roof structure for temporary event management shows.

revolving round stage features

1.2m Dia Small Outdoor Revolving Stage lift System Kit

This Revolving Stage Lift is specially custom for concerts shows with lifting and revolving characteristics.

truss sleeve block tower

Sleeve block for lifting bolt truss system

The Sleeve Block Truss is customized for lifting the Ground Support  Bolt Truss System.

semi round stage performance

32ft Portable Semi Round Mobile Stage Platform for Sale

Qualifying Semi Round Stage for wedding, parties, events, fashtion shows, manufactured by Chinese supplier ITSCtruss 

lighting ladder truss framing

12 Inch Lighting Ladder Truss Stage Rigging Equipment

This 12" DJ Event Lighting Ladder Truss is flat and easy to  install the gantry for indoor and outdoor events. 

Stage lighting trus for sale craigslist

40ft 4 tower Triangular Stage Lighitng Truss Roof Structure

This Triangular Stage Lighting Truss Roof System is only with 4  Ground Support Towers for outdoor events without any soundwings which makes it simple and economic for common events. 

pitched roof to plat roof

18m Global Heavy duty Stage Deck Truss roof pitch for metal roof

This 18m Global Heavy Duty Lighting Truss  Stage Pitched Roof is featuring with the heavy duty ground support and the side truses structure suppoting.

corner bracket with offset mounting

Flight case corner brace with offset cabinet corner angle fixing

This Corner Bracket With Offset Kit is widely used for flight rack cases during all kiinds of roadshows. 

truss bars manufacturers canada

203mm Aluminium Lighting Box Truss Bar Kit

This Small DJ Truss bar is lightweight and portable for indoor and outdoor events.

How to build an outdoor concert stage

Portable Outdoor Concert Stage System

Where to buy the portable stage systems for concerts? This Portable Outdoor Stage System by ITSCtruss will be your best choice with factory price only!

aluminum trusses for sale

2 Way Triangular Truss Corner

Triangular Truss Corner is Cheap mini lightweight and portable truss corner for dj light stand

graphical stage roof japan truss

24m Graphical Stage Roof Truss Spacing for Japan Play

Mobile Stage Roof Truss For Sale with heavy duty rooftop by TISCtruss.

Truss Base Plate

Square Black Truss Base Plate

Easy to mounting the square trusses and it is compact products.

aluminum truss roof systems

14m Aluminum Truss Roof Systems Theatre Stage UK

Aluminum alloy truss stage roof 14m span heavy duty with 10 ground support system, hotsale in UK for concert stage conepts.

revolving round stage concert

1.5m Dia x2m H Mobile Hydraulic Revolving Stage System concept

Thie Revolving Round Stage Platform is usually custom specially for wedding events, concert shows,ect.

Square book truss

12 Inch Ultimate Costmic Square Double Book Truss Butler Hinge

This 12 Inch Aluminium Book Truss Corner is specially custom to connect double trusses in two ends for any angles you need.

big Guitar Pedal Board Case

DIY Cutom Wood Lightweight Guitar Pedal Board Case

This Lightweight Guitar Pedal Board Case is specially custom for guitar pedals for events.

flight case plywood panels cheap

Buy Cheap Flight Case Black Laminated plywood Panels online

This Plywood Panels Laminated Board is specially custom for all kinds of flight cases. 

Ground support Truss

Black Touring Truss for Pre-Rigged Moving Lighting

This Tour Truss allows heavy duty capacity for pre-rigged moving head lightings for venues.

hydraulic scissor platform lift car

1.2x2x1mH DIY lightweight Hydraulic Scissor Platform Lift loading dock Access

This Scissor Lift Hydraulic Work Platform is widely hot for sale for car electric elevator and stage system elevator.

lighting truss for sale uk

26m Big Concert Stage Rigging Equipment for Sale UK

This Aluminum Stage Truss is featured with 26x15m heavy duty capacity 30000kg with max wind 28.4m/s

3u rack mount flight case

3U China Double Door rack Mount Flight case Hardware

Pro Rack Case3U with double doors for JB system made in China from ITSCtruss.

pioneer dj controller flight case

DIY Mobile Dj Travel Flight Case Stand

All In One Mobile DJ Case and Associates are portable for mobile events.

aluminum truss rental roof system for sale

8m Stage Flat Roof Linear Box Truss System Kit for Sale

This Aluminium Truss Rental System is simple and easy to set up by ITSCtruss company for indoor events shows. 

cheap stage truss in south africa

DIY Folding Lighting Truss Frame Structure 600x760mm

This Folding Box Truss Beam is 600x760mm is heavy duty  and spigoted with stronger loading capacity by China Supplier ITSCtruss. 

graphical truss stage box

10m Chiina Graphical Tunnel Truss Stage Roof to buy

Graphical Event Truss Stage Tunnel Roof is constructed with standard box truss beams by ITSCCtruss for theatre events roof.

ladder truss corner manufacturers

290mm Global Aluminium Ladder Truss Corner Platform Beam

This Ladder Truss Corner Framiing is custom for 50x290mm ladder truss floor with 3 ways connection in 90 degrees for special truss setup. 

roof ladder truss

300mm Global Ladder Truss Zwart for Lighting with Steel Pin

This Global Ladder Truss Zwart is developped from 50x290mm to be 50x300mm for lighting truss roof. It features steel pin to connect each other. 

light truss price galvanized

6m Cheap Lighting Truss Equipment with a Circle

This Light Truss Price for Roof is cheap by ITSCtruss factory just with simple 4 towers and a circle in the middle. which is hotsale for the exhbition booths. 

global truss structure

Buy Aluminium Rectangular Lighting Box Truss 300x 400mm

This Rectangular Lighting Truss Dimension is 300x400mm pined connected is widely used for DJ led lighting.

hydraulic scissor lifts for sale

1x2mx1mH Square Electronic Hydraulic Scissor lift table Dock Elevator

This Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables for Sale is manufacturered by ITSCtruss with 1x2m x 1mH and it is electronic elevator for cars, trucks, and stages lift.

music concert stage stairs

Adjustable Height Plywood Stairs for 0.8-1.2m H Portable Stages

This Plywood Stair with 5 steps is designed for both plywood stages and acrylic stages whose height can be adjustable from 0.8-1.2m height. 

circular lighting truss

I beam Flat Lader Circular Lighting Truss

Flat i Beam Circular Lighting Truss is customized with 290mm ladder truss. It is featuring lightweight and durable and Factory Cheap Price for the minimoving head lighting and decoration.

10 lighting truss

10 Inch Small Square Lighting Box Truss Rigging Outdoor

Buy Aluminium Grid Box Truss from ITSCtruss, high quality and best services.

acrylic round stage for rent

32ft Concert Acrylic Round Stage Quater Frame Platform

This Arcylic Round Stage Quater is widely used for luxury wedding or fashion show performance. 

gable roof trusses prices

20 foot Triangular Roof Trusses at best price

20 Foot span Triangular Roof Trussis at its Best Price comparied with other types of roofs for school performance.

 box truss cost weight

520x760mm Rectangular Bolt Box Lighting Truss for Sale

This Rectangular Box Truss is heavy duty with 520x760mm dimention and bolt connection. It is strong but with cheaper price comparied with the spigot truss 520x760mm. 

Stage platform board trolley

Portable stage Storage trolley On Wheels for topping

This Portable Stage Storage Trolley on Wheels is specially custom for storing and moving the stage decks easiy for indoor and outdoor events.

revolving stage lift wedding price

1.2m Dia revolving stage lift for music wedding kit

This Revolving Stage Lift Wedding Kit is custom to be 1.2m dia round paltform and height is adustable from 0.45-3m height.

revolving stage lift marriage price

1.5m Dia DIY Hydraulic Revolving Stage lift for sale

This Mobile Revolving Stage Lift is custom with characteristics of lifting andd revolving automaticaly by  motors.

China Black Ring Truss

China Black Colour Lighting Truss Tower Top Ring DJ Rig

This Black Colour Truss Top Ring is specially customized by China ITSCtruss for DJ lighting Rigs indoor and outdoor. It is new solution for easy lighting setup.

events outdoor roof canopy

40ft Outdoor Stage Truss Roof with Canopy Vector

This Box Truss Outdoor Stage Canopy is equiped with 6m span soundwings as two sides for big size LED screen displays for world cup events. 

Grid box stage truss

11.5 Inch Grid Box Truss Duty for DJ Booth Decoration

This 11.5" x 11.5" Grid Box Truss o que é is featuring with lighweight for dj booth lighting duty. 

live in pedalboard flight case custom

Best Large DIY Durable Live in Pedalboard flight case kit

This Live in Custom Pedalboard with Flight Case is custom by ITSCtruss for touring instrument equipment.

mixer road case

2 x CD DJ Audio Sound Mixer Fligh Road Case

We offer large format DIY Mixer fligt cases for studio DJ events.

4 inch box truss

4 In Mini Lighting Black Box Truss Beam Powder Coated

Buy 100mm Mini Box Truss from ITSCtruss with high quality and best service!

stage lighting rigging supplies

10x10m Outdoor Festival Box Truss Flat Stage Roof

This 10m Stage Roof is heavy duty with 8 lifting towers for outdoor freedom festival events. 

small hydraulic scissor lift buy

1.5 m Dia 2mH DIY Electronic Small hydraulic scissor lift equipment

This Small Hydraulic scissor lift is featured with light weight for outdoor performance equipment.

stage lighting truss manufacturer

40ft China custom Round Stage Truss Cover flat roof

This Custom Cheap Stage Trussing for concert is cheap at only around USD19200-USD22000.

american dj lighting truss system

20ft Aluminium Graphical Truss Stage Roof System for Sale

This Box Quadro Truss System is designed with backdop box truss system for stage lighting and LED screens. 

crowd control fencing

2m Concert Stage Crowd Control Barrier Steel

This Steel Stage Barrier is featuring with heavy duty Hot Dip Glavanized Steel. Do buy a crowd control fence from an expert company ITSCtruss who can help you solve the best and right barriers for your needs.

32 foot roof trusses for sale

32 foot round ceiling flat roof lighting trusses

32 Foot Flat Roof Trusses is featured with a Round Truss and 4 Trussed Beam Ladders in the ceiling to hang the stage lighting and highlight the stages for performance.

aluminum double angle extrusion

Aluminium Flight Case Double Angle Corner Extrusions

This aluminium angle bar is widely use for all kinds of road cases.

aluminium box truss manufacturing companies

20M Global Heavy Duty China Aluminium Box Truss Roof

This Global Aluminum Box Truss Roof is simple to set up for temporary outdoor events for large number of people gathering.

Gable truss prices

8M Stage Truss System Triangular Gable Roof Structure

Aluminium Stage Lighting Truss System triangular pitched gable roof is widely used in the entertainment industry, and ITSCtruss offers most compatitive price for the lighting truss roof. 

round stage truss with roofing

5m Dia Aluminum Outdoor Round Stage Truss System

This Portable Round Stage Truss Sysem for indoor and outdoor exhibition, dj, wedding, music bands,ect. 

lyra curved truss corners

Apexi Down 3 Way Square Truss Corner

This 3 Way Square Curved Truss Corner is featured with its Curved Truss Angle and Apexi Down to install the Achitecture Truss Rigging for Wedding and Road Shows.

svt road case

Buy Scanopertator Flight Road Case for Sale

Buy Professional Scan Operators Road Case to protect devices well and easy for transportation.

global truss for sale craigslist

12m Stage Truss Flat Roof Frame Craigslist for Sale

Metal truss for sale now by ITSCtruss. Heavy duty truss roof for sale for indoor concerts.

box lighting truss trade show

350mm Lightweight Quad Box Bolted Lighitng Truss Bar Rigging

This Lighweight Box Truss Bar is widely used for ourdoor and indoor middle events for moving heads hanging. 

Truss Adjustable feet

Pedestal Aluminum Square Truss Adjustable Feet

Spigot connection and quick to instal; Lightweight and cheap price.

collapsible truss australia price

Global Collapsible Lighting truss 580x1000mm for sale

Heavy Collapsible Lighting Truss 580x1000mm is customized by ITSCtruss for sale castoring for outdoor lighting track truss stage roof.

global temporary stage roof  truss

Temporary Stage Roof Canopy Kedder with platforms

This Outdoor Temporary Stage Roof is lightweight, durable and mobile for all kinds of entertainment events.

flight case latch company

DJ DIY Aluminium Flight Case Recessed Buterfly Latch Lock

This Flight Case Latch Equipment is custom for all kinds of cases for roadshows.

Curved roof

50ft curved roof trusses systems

Curved Roof Truss System is hotsale in USA, and Europe at competitive prices by ITSCtruss aluminium lighitng truss suppliers. 

righ with lighting

ITSCtruss box truss corner for 300x400mm Pin Truss

This 4 Way Box Truss Corner is specially designed for 300x400mm i beam truss for installating the lighting truss systems. 

aluminum truss lighting tower

12x6m Galvanized Lighting Truss Setup for Trade Show

Live Concert Stage must need this aluminium lighting truss system to hang moving heads and sport lights, ect. 

DIY manual revolving sage lift concept

2.5m Dia Revolviing stage lift concept equuipment kit for sale

This Revolving Stage Lift Concept Equipment is custom with larger size of 2.5m dia x 2m height adjustale for performance to lift and revolve the car or actors on it.

outdoor stage roof box cover

8m Outdoor Box Beam Truss Stage Flat Roof System

Buy Metal Truss but not sure where to have? ITSCtruss come for help! This 8m dia Flat Truss Stage Roof is hotsale in Tanzania, Africa!

stage and riser steps

2m W 3 Tiers Portable Stage Risers without guardrails for Choirs

This Portable Stage Riser is costom with the 1x2m quick lock stage decks to be 0.5m W x 2m/step. 

buy light truss system

4m Dia Half Geometric Ring Circular Stage Roof Truss

This 4m Stage Roof Circle is featuring with  tubular truss to setup the Half Geodesic Dome Rooftop supported with ground support system as architectural structure for outdoor wedding events.

revolving stage lift systems work

2m Dia DIY revolving stage lift system equipment for sale

This Revolving Stage Lift System Kit is specially custom for stage concerts to lift and revolve the platform for actors.

12 box truss rating

12 Inch Alumnium Gym Block Truss Beam Cost for Sale

12" X 12" Aluminium Box Truss End sell in factory price by ITSCtruss with high quality. Searching for the box trusses online near by me? Come to ITSCtruss!

dj booth buy

400x600mm Spigot Rectangular Box Truss for DJ light Rig

This Rectangular Lighting truss is specially for mdeium duty DJ lighting events.

black circular truss equipment

4m Dia Global Black Circular Box Truss for sale

This Circular Lighting  Truss is specially custom with powder coated black.

ata flight case

Custom ATA AMP Gator Flight Case For Sale

Custom Pick and  Rack Case for Outdoor Use: This Multi Flight Case is ideally suited for devices which do not correspond to the 19". Even in case there are three perforated foam inserts, these can be quite as necessary to tailor. Feature: black 10mm multiplex ball corners 1 handle  weight 4,0 kg

lighting road case plywood

LED Lighting Tube Vinyl Flight Case 12 in1 for DJ

LED Lighting Tube Case is hotsale for the dj events.

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