General Aluminum Crowd Control Mojo Barrier

All of the audience like to go front for enjoying the Concerts performance in the amusing show, and it is very dangerous for the actors and the work staff. and it is very difficult to keep order only by men. So ITSC truss designs and manufactures this Aluminum Mojo Barrier to Control the Crowd from the Stages to keep safe.

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General Aluminum Crowd Control Mojo Barrier:

This Mojo Barrier is made-in Aluminum, and it is designed and produced for Crowd Control  in front of the stage system, between areas or designate areas, along passageway in concerts, performance, sports events, parade, demonstration, speech, shows, ect.


  1. · Semi-circle round top rail for audience easy to hold the barrier.
  2. · Two Special Side-locks allows for rapid and easy Assembly and disassembly one by one, firm and stable.
  3. · Smaller holes on vertical perforated plate to avoid hurting fingers.
  4. · Reinforced structure inside brace tube makes the barrier stronger.
  5. · Extended long ramp on the base plate prevent tripping over.


Height 1140mm
Width 1000mm
Depth 1250mm
Weight 32kg

Other size can available according to special needs.

Barriers Dimensions:

Surface Options:

Mill Finish, Black, Powder Coated, ect.

DIY Installation:
  1. It is folded when they reach to you
  2. Pull up the vetical plate to the basement, and fit it with bolts only at the bottom
  3. Unfolding the step plate
  4. With two locks, and foldable for easy storage and trasportation.


 Used for Outdoor Crowd Control in concert, sporting events, exhibition,
crowd management and other indoor or outdoor events,
usually in front of stage or between areas.

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