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6m dia Circular Flat Roof Trusses Structure for LED screens

6m Circular Truss Roof System is based on the 6m Dia Circular Truss setup with ground support tower system. 
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6M dia Circular Flat Roof Trusses Structure for LED screens:

ITStruss offers different kinds of Circular Roof Truss Structure for events. 

This 6m Circular Roof Truss System is special designed for LED screens. It is 6m dia with ITSC-CS29 Straight Truss and 4 pillars  as ground support. 


  1. 6m Dia Lightweight truss structure
  2. Fabricated in China with TUV and SGS certificate 
  3. Circular Truss Segments can be constructed as many shapes as you can image it
  4. Manufactured with a high degree of accuracy ensuring a perfect fit without any disortion
  5. Semi-automated welding jigs used for production to ensure that all parts are identical
  6. Every segment of a circular truss can be mounted at any position
  7. DIY easy setup


Item Circular Truss flat roof for LED screen 
Truss circle 6m dia with Global truss type 290x290mm
Pillars Straight truss 290x290mm
Box Truss corner 4pcs
Hight 6m
Selfweight Approx.420kg
Transporation volume Approx 6m3
Capcity 3318kg
Max.wind spead 27.5m/s

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