3.5m Portable Mobile Concert Stage Truss Systems

Buy Modular Stage Systems for more than 2 m height platforms for special boxing race events? This Square Lighting Truss supported Stage Systems would be the best choices.
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3.5m Portable Mobile Concert Stage Truss  Systems: 

Lighting Truss Modular Stage System is supported by Aluminum Square Truss ITSC-CS 29  Structure. Its stage topping is combined with heavy duty aluminum frames with 18 mm thick plywood. And mobile concert stage topping dimensions is usually 1.22 x 2.44 m /pcs (other dimension customized)

Any height can be adjustable just with additional Trusses Segments. 


  1. Waterproof and anti-slip for outdoor and indoor concert events
  2. Heavy Duty Loading Capacity for big concerts and boxing races. 
  3. Interconnected framework acting as ballast systems for truss roof constructions
  4. Factory price only


  1. The stage topping is approximately 50 kgin weight, and a big heavy for manual installation.
  2. Since there are no screw jacks, the stage system is usually only installed on the even floor.


Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6
Dimensions 4.88 m x 4.88 ( 16 x 16 ft )
Types Square
Main tubes 50 x 3 mm
Stage Topping 18 mm plywood, anti-slip, waterproof, with heavy duty type aluminum frame
Self-weight Approx. 700 kg
Volume 10 m 3
Capacity 15000 kg 


This Lighting Truss Stage System is combined with lighting truss structure to set up more than 2 m height stages systems for hire, boxing ring, TV studios, VIP Zone for audiences, ect.


Stage truss systems are must to install the whole system indoor or on an even floor. And it needs more than 2 people to install the whole systems compared with the common Modular Stages Decks

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