Mobile Stages system is a frame suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Thel whole frame rack is available in various heights and lengths. Assembled by means of locking pin,it is possible to install it with only one technician . After installed, the whole stage frames are stable and freestanding, and will not topple over. The adjustable stage legs and basement make it possible to level the stage at an exact position and vary the height of the stage floor.

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  • Runway modular stage rental ITSC-S02

    Runway modular stages for rental, aluminum stages in T-Shape set for catwalk or fashion shows, Aluminum adjustable stage platforms of for runway.

  • Temporary modular stage platforms ITSC-S01

    This portable modular stages is hotale for band shows at factory price only. Aluminum stages, folding stages, steel stages, movable stages platforms.

  • Used mobile modular stage for sale ITSC-S01

    1. Aluminum frame and light in weight
    2. Good capacity for every events.
    3. Easy to erect and saving stock space

  • Modular stage skirting in different colour ITSC-S01

    Modular stage is usually equiped with the skirting which is arund the stages to make it marvlouse. It is usually accompanied with the folding stages.

  • Foldable modular stage supplier ITSC-S10

    Heavy duty foldable stage suplier, China stage, portable stage kit, folding mobile stages, DIY mobile stages, Portable stage China, Mobile stages

  • Aluminum Modular stage platform ITSC-S01-A

    This Aluminum stage platform is supported with Steel Ring lock system, and with a heavy-duty stage frame, it is very strong and safe for big concerts.

  • Movable modular stage platform ITSC-S01

    Movable modular stage platforms are available with different colour and size and height for sale from best suppliers ITSCtruss from China.

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  • Buy a Round stage system with ramp ITSC-RS12M

    Working on buying round stage systems with ramp for Circus show? Here is a new design with dia12m round stages systems with hight quality and capacity

  • Folding modular stage stairs ITSC-P5

    This special custom stairs are custom for folding stages with height adjustable from 41-61cm. Supplied by the best Chinese stage suppliers ITSCtruss.

  • Portable performance modular stage with carpet ITSC-S01

    The portable performance modular stage is with aluminum structure as support but with luxiouary carpet. It is usually applied in hotels and schools.

  • Used modular stage for sale ITSC-S02

    4-6ft high adjustable mobile used stages for sale forbig events compared . Aluminum materials make it light weight but hight capacity for concert.

  • 4X8 Portable modular stage ITSC-S02

    1. Light weight and durable portable stages
    2. Good 4 aluminum square truss outdoor and indoor events
    3. Quick to install and dismantle and cheap

  • Foldable modular stage platform ITSC-S10

    Sourcing a large modular stages? ITSCtruss offers all kinds of folable stage platforms, folding stages, portable outdoor stages, ladder staging,ect.

  • Modular folding stages with steps ITSC-S07

    1. Aluminum foldable Portable stages for wedding parties, hotels,indoor events.
    2. Much more effecient and easier to move and transporation

  • Fold away modular stage ITSC-S10

    The Fold Away Stage is a kind of modular stages which can be foldable and easy to install only with one technician. Aluminum and steel options.

  • Small modular stage platform ITSC-S01

    Small modular stages, portable round stages sets, portable stages for sale, buy stage truss, stage truss manufacturers, usded portable stage risers.

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