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Indoor Stage Truss Background for Concerts in Myanmar
Nov 05 , 2020

Stage Truss Background for Concerts in Myanmar:

The whole Lighting Trusses Structures are set up as Background to support the LED screen and lighting fixtures for the Indoor Concert Stage Systems.

Lighting Truss Rigging:

The whole Trussing System is simply installed with ITSC-BS40 as rigging, which is equiped with the 6 way corners only.


Item Concert Stage Truss System
Main rigging 192m x 400x400mm box truss
Accessories 28pcs 6 way corners and 88pcs swivels
Material Aluminium alloy 6061- T6( 6082-T6 available)
Seilf-weight Approxi. 2300kg
Transportation volume Approx. 44m3
Options Mojo barriers and stage systems
Costs Factory price only at USD20,000.00

How about its loading capacity?

You can put more than 30pcs 350W moving heads, and more than 50pcs other lightweight fixtures, as well as the LED walls on request.

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Is it safe enough for holding more than 20,000 people?

Yes. It is safe enough for more than 20,000people concerts. With strengthened 400x400mm box truss segments, we install the whole trusses structures with trusses basement under the systems as well as trusses outriggers at the back of the truss systems. Every time you set up the Concert Truss System, safety is the first and most important thing!

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What do this concert trusses feature?

In the middle there are 15m span main trusses systems to install the 350W moving heads to hightlight the actors, while there is LED screen on each sided truss structures. So all the audiences can see the nicest effect of the performance by the performers.

This Concert Stage Truss Style is widely used in Asia countries!

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