Lighting Truss
How to build up the Lighting Truss Systems?
Aug 27 , 2020

How we build up Stage Truss Systems?

The Aluminium Alloy Lighting Truss needs to be used in conjunction with base, square sleeve, cross beam, top section, hoists rigging, outriggers and other accessories when building the Lighting Truss Systems.

Below are the steps of how to build the Truss Lighting Systems

1. First place the four bases in approximate position on the ground, and adjust the lower legs to make them on a horizontal plane;

2. Put the Short Lighting Truss on the basements and fix them with pins and put the hinges on the top;

3.  Put the Square Sleeve Block on the base and out of the Short Lighting Truss;

4. Connect the Truss Beam on the ground;

5. Connect the two ends of the truss beams to the two sleeve blocks, and beam setup is finished;

6. Connect the Truss Pillars on the ground, then fix one of its end to the hinges, then connect the top sections on the other end of the pillars, and hanging the hoists on the top section as well. The hoists rigging are used to lift up the truss beams;

7.  Pull up the pillars by several people or by a helper then fixed to the hinges with pins

8. After lifting up the pillars, put the firbre slings which is hanging the truss beams on the hooks of the hoists;

9.  4 people together lift up the hoists slowly until the beams on the top of people's head;

10. Install the stage lighting fixtures one by one onto the truss beams;

11. Connect one of the end of the outriggers onto the pillars and the other end to the basement, then the whole Lighting Truss System setup is finished.

Stage Truss Systems

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