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Stage Truss Systems build gorgeous stage effects for you
Aug 23 , 2020

In today's various large-scale stage activities, in order to pursue perfect and gorgeous stage effects, it is necessary to use Stage Truss to build the required shape. The stability and safety of the Stage Truss Systems are extremely important.

TUV SUD can help Truss Company ensure technical requirements

As an authoritative third-party certification body, TUV SUD can help Aluminium Lighting Truss Suppliers to carry out strict control at the early stage of product design to ensure that truss products meet the technical requirements of the importing country. According to the harmonized standard EN 1090 of the European Union Building Products Regulation CPR certification, TUV SUD evaluates the construction steel /aluminium structure products entering the EU market and issues the TUV SUD CE mark for products that meet the standard.

At the same time, TUV SUD issues TUV SUD Mark safety certificates for truss products that have passed the product safety test, proving that your products are safe and gaining corresponding international market  access. General exhibitions or stage performances generally need to use Stage Truss Structures, because it is easier to build, more flexible, and safer. Therefore, the Stage Trusses are now diverse, allowing them to adapt to various requirements.

Why we need to choose Stage Truss Systems?

At the beginning, there was no such thing as a stage truss. At that time, the folding truss of round tube was mostly chosen because it was very strong and convenient for transportation. However, this type of trussing has only two forms of single spring head and double spring head. The more practical is the construction of indoor exhibitions or the construction of large-scale stages, but if you need to build a stage with various styles, it is not flexible enough. Another point is to use a round tube truss to build the stage, which must be fixed with s spring head. It takes a lot of manpower and powerlessness, and the requirements for the environmental factors are still very high.

While Aluminium Alloy Stage Trusses are much easier and convenient to setup and save manpower. Besides, it can be very flexible for different stage designs.

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